Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Opening Ravenna

So yesterday was the day of finding out the news for transfers.

 I was positive that I was staying here in Bergamo with Sorella Woods.

 I was so excited to get to know the members better and work with them more..but we got the call from the anziani.. 

They asked to talk to me. 

I still thought all of this was a joke for april fools day.. They asked, "Do you want to know where you are going?"..I said,"okay".. They told me Ravenna....I said to them probably about 10 times, "You guys are all joking right?"...they told me that I was being transfered and that it wasnt a scherzo...

I felt sick to my stomach.. The reality of leaving Bergamo hurt. I love this city and the members! Two transfer here was too short. But I am excited to go to Ravenna. 

Ravenna is south east....I have only been north!! I am nervous about the accent because it is going to be a whole new world in the south... My new companion will be Sorella Lemos who is from Argentina. She will be my first companion who is not from Utah. I am excited to work with her and I hope that she can help me to improve my Italian.

Also apparently the sorelle have only been in Ravenna for two weeks...So guess what that means?...

I am opening with Sorella Lemos in Ravenna! Mamma mia! It should be fun!

 Also it is a branch over there, so that will be a different experience because I have only worked in wards before. I am excited and it feels right but I just sort of feel sick to my stomach. My brain is so scattered and there are so many things that I want to do, but there is just not enough time. 

I am sad that I am leaving Bergamo before la conferenza generale, my birthday easter...everything! But I am grateful fo the time that I had here in Bergamo although it was short. I will miss the mountains, polenta, people speaking in bergamasco, the members, and so many other things. It is going to be a new adventure. 

I love you all! 

con affetto,
sorella rebecca carter 

P.S. send all of my mail from now on to the mission home.. 

red vespa

polenta's a real thing!

Thank you sandi for the bday/easter package!

that one random day I decide to make lemon bars..

our tram stop for the church

little bird little bird


saying goodbye to members


ignore the double chins.. 

lost dog we found 

more goodbyes

blackbird..last goodbyes

spring flowers