Saturday, April 12, 2014

Biking in Ravenna

Ravenna is beautiful! It is this cute little city with soo much history. There is a lot of art, music, mosaic (sp?). It is wonderful. I am so happy to be here in this cute little city. 

Guess who has a bike now?  Me. 

Actually it is really fun. I love it. I feel like a true Italian now riding my bike through centro Ravenna trying to dodge all of the classy Italians as I ride my bike. 
My bike is ancient. It is red and vintage looking. Sorella Lemos and I named my bike Davide. The other day we were riding to an appointment riding through these beautiful trees. I felt like Maria in "The Sound of Music" when she is riding through the trees. Then all of the sudden my pedals were not moving...managgia... My little "sound of music moment" ended when I realized my bike wasn't working anymore. So we had to take my good old bike to the bike shop to get it repaired.. Hopefully Davide will be okay. We will see tonight! hah 

Sorella Lemos:
She is from Argentina. She is hilarious. She cuts hair and does makeup. She plays the flute. She is a good cook. She learned both english and italian on her mission. She pretty much amazes me. I love her soo much. We are going to work very hard because we are opening Ravenna for sorelle for the first time ever, so we are going to work hard. We are doing some good member work and also a good amount of finding. It is going to be a good transfer. I hope that I can be with Sorella Lemos for more than one transfer because my last three companions I only was with them one transfer. So we shall see. 

We went to Rimini yesterday for a zone training. Our zone is very small but it is good. It is nice to change this up a little bit. 

In our area there are only branches instead of wards. So we are in what is called a district instead of a stake. They are hoping that by the end of this year they can become a stake, so we have to work very very hard.. It will be good. 

I loved general conference. I loved how there were so many talks that were about defending our beliefs. Especially in these days when the world is constantly changing. This morning I read in the Old Testamnet the story of Potiphar's wife. I admire the courage of Joseph that he had to defend his standards. Not once but a couple of times. There are so many times today that we have to defend our beliefs in order to protect of beliefs. I also loved in Conference how many people talked about being disciples of Jesus Christ. It is so important in these days to follow the saviors example and help others to come unto him. 

This week we had a very cool opportunity to help a new convert of a couple of months start her personal progress. That was such a special experience to realize how much progesso personale helped to prepare me for my mission. I am so grateful for this program because it truly inspired and I have seen the differenc that is has made in me. 

Pesto pasta with little shrimps.. A new investigator made for us. So much pasta!. I wish I had a picture of how much they give to us to eat and how much they eat..It is pretty funny. You would all laugh.. poverina sorella
It has been a good week although it has been a little bit crazy. We are going to see some good miracles this transfer. 

Vi voglio bene, 

Sorella Rebecca Carter 

also who knew that I am very close to croatia..too good
sorella lemos