the message i'm sharing

"Come unto Christ" a talk which President Henry B. Erying gave, tells us about one of the most important invitations that a person could ever receive. Which is the invitation to follow Christ's example and follow him. President Erying said, "Another wonderful thing will happen. When you give your heart to inviting people to come unto Christ, your heart will be changed. You will be doing His work for Him. You will find that He keeps His promise to be one with you in your service. You will come to know Him. And in time you will come to be like Him and “be perfected in him.” By helping others come unto Him, you will find that you have come unto Him yourself. If you want to be near Him, to feel His peace, you can do it best in His service". I love this promise President Erying gives us, that as we invite others to come unto Christ, we likewise will want to come follow him and become more like our Savior. I am so excited to share this message with the Italian people because I know I have truly felt my heart start to change in my own life as I have invited others to come unto Christ and I want them to experience it as well.