Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 21st Day of September

Do you remember the 21st day of september?
This week was a bit crazy to say the least.. It all started with the 21st day of september. ha The day before Sorella Stephens said "Tomorrow is the 21st of september. Have you ever heard that song where it goes 'do you remember the 21st day of september'? " Then we proceeded to sing that one line of the song. Little did we know that this was a day we would literally never forget..ha
It started off with the classic bedones (2 canceled appointments). We thought "okay that is not going to bring us down today".  Then we later found out that the anziani are going to start teaching one of our new converts. Which was very hard even though I will still see this new convert every sunday. It was just sad that we won't be teaching him anymore.  Then we went and passed by one of our investigators that has two daughters. We were so excited to see her because she hasn't come to church for the past couple of weeks. So we talked to her and she told us that she doesn't want to change religions and is really busy right now. In that moment I thought of a scripture in Mosiah 24:14-15 and we read them with her. She wept and I bore testimony of the book of mormon as if it were my dying testimony. I was on the verge of tears as I bore my testimony because I know how much this church will help her in her life to have more peace and joy.  Needless to say the 21st of september I do remember..the 21st day of september. ha
Meno Attiva
One of our less actives couldnt come to church because of work but now she has sundays off now! We are so happy because she can now come to church again! We visited her this sunday and had a lesson with one of her friends that wanted to know the difference between our religion and others. So we taught her friend the restoration. It was a very great experience after the day before.
It was full of miracles. We had three lessons.
We first ran into a ward member during the day and he was with a co-worker that had heard of the church before, and so we talked to his co-worker about the church and are hoping to meet with him or that he can come to church this sunday.  Then later we got lost and couldn't find the street we were looking for, for our next appointment. So we asked a man for help and we began to talk to him about the church and he told us he has family that are members in austria and in germany. So we are going to try and talk to him again about the gospel. As we walked to our appointment I turned back and I see a familiar face..It was the same ward member we saw earlier (riding his bike behind us). We asked him to help us find the home we were looking for.He walked us to the house and asked,"Do you mind if I stay?"...Sorella Stepens and I just looked at each other and said of course! hah. So that was a a great miracle to have this member come with us to the lesson.      

As we walked home we were so happy with how the day went and saw this woman in her car and waved at her. She said to us both as she rolled down her car window "You both just look sooo happy! What is your secret? Why are you so happy." We then told this woman that is it because of he message we have to share. So we are hoping to have a lesson with this great woman. It is truly amazing how one day during the week can be so challenging and the next can be so happy. I am grateful for satuday because it made all of the miracles on monday so much sweeter.
Let me just say one thing. I love all of the Italians from Napoli! They seriously are so sweet and great. We have a family from Napoli that we just started teaching and I am excited to teach them again this week. We tried our best during the lesson to promise blessings to them and to share our testimonies with them. They were so sweet. They said to us "We can tell that this means a lot to you because you are very sincere about it". That was great to hear that they could feel our sincerity. I love seeing people feel the spirit during lessons because you can see a change in their eyes and their heart. I know that they felt the spirit and I have great hopes for this sweet family from Napoli.
This week we have 8 new investigators which truly is a miracle. The Lord is blessing us and I am greatly for all of the help that we are recieving from him.
I was telling Sorella Stephens about Luigi (the baci man) and his story. When I was getting to the climax of the story I see Luigi...He walks past us both and he waves to us...but we just keep on walking. I have the best timing to say the least. Both Sorella Stephens and I were laughing because of the timing of it all.
Well today there are officially 3 months until christmas. So today we decided to wear green and red in honor of christmas in 3 months. Natale.
I just wanted to end with a little scripture in Acts 18:9-10 "Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set thee to hurt thee:for I have much people in this city." I love reading about Paul's missionary work in the new testament and I know and have seen how the lord is with me everyday with this work as one of his missionaries.
okay one more thing...
Today I finished Mormon 8-9 and I hve such a new appreciation for all of the people and prophets in this great book. In Chapter 8 Moroni (a prophet) tells about how all of his family and friends had died. He said" I am alone". Although he was alone he continued to write his part for the book of mormon. I am so grateful that he did because it is truly meant for us and our day. The Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ. I love this book. I am grateful that I can share this unique message to the people of italy. This book has brought me more peace and happiness in my life than any other book in the world.
Well it has been a memorable week, but a good week. I can't belive it is almost october and that next week is general conference. I am excited for that. Love you all. until next week!
Sorella Carter

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It is starting to feel like fall here. The mornings are crisp and it has rained a few days. But it is still warm during the day.

Power of prayer
This sunday we had one of our less actives come to church. She works every sunday but sometimes get off of work early but she doesnt have a way to get to church. She is so sweet. She was at church on sunday. She prayed that she would be able to come to church and someone gave her a ride. She was in tears as she told us the story. It was such a testimony to me that God answers our prayers. I love these sweet humble members here.

Whiteboard finding
The other day we decided to do whiteboard finding here we wrote down a question on  whiteboard and would ask people si or no. our question was "Crede che Dio l'ama?" (Do you believe that God lovs you?". So we asked many people and after they would give their answer we would ask "perchè?". It was interesting to hear what people would say. As we crossed the street an old italian man read the whiteboard question and said yes and no. Then we started talking to him and invited him to english class. This cute italian man came yesterday to english class! He loved it and said he wants to bring his family members next week.

Italians sense of humor
I seriously feel at home with these great italian people! I love their sense of humor. They are always saying "sono scarzando" (sp?). They have such a great fun, sarcastic sense of humor. There are some many things I see that my dad does that have an italian influence that I am now noticing. Just the little things. It's great because I am doing them now too. ha I love the italian culture. The people are so animated and have so much joy about life. I do feel like Italy is the perfect place for me to be. These people feel like family and I will always consider them as such.

As for the italian speaking..I am speaking but not the greatest. I am able to commnicate with people. I am grateful that I can at least do that. Recently I was thinking about how I took french and how I couldnt really even speak at all. But with italian I am able to comprehend a good amount of what I hear and for the most part I can respond.

Missing the Bus
The other day we were taking a bus somewhere but we had to be at a specific bus stop that I have never been to. So we waited at what we thought was the bus stop, but then a thought popped into my mind "maybe you should check the bus stop". So I looked and see that the bus we wanted doesnt come to the one we were waiting at. So I asked a woman where piazza del popolo is. She points and then I see the bus we want going towards the stop..hah needless to say we sprinted towards the right bus stop. It was all in slow motion. I said to sorella stephens "sorell we need to run!" We saw people entering the bus and we were so close. But then the bus doors closed. We ran behind the bus waving our arms..nothing. there it went. ha. so we didn't make that bus. ha During the missing it seems like we run for a bus at least once a day. ha note to self: ask people to make sure you are at the right bus stop instead of just standing there.

I have recently been reading in the New Testament in Acts about Paul. I love his story of how he was saul and wicked before,but he changed his ways and preached the gospel. I love how in both the bible and the book of mormon it shows how all people have the ability within themselves to change. For example Saul, Alma the younger, and etc. Throughout acts it talks about how they boldly preached the gospel. This is something I am trying to get better at everyday. I am getting a little bit better at it everyday, but it is still hard at times.
Another thing I realized that I didnt know before is that reading the scriptures is a commandment. Reading the scriptures has truly blessed my life. I am so grateful to have the scriptures to learn, grow and comfort me through trials and this ifficult life. The scriptures have brought me more peace in this life than any other book in the world.

I had a realization this week that life still goes on outside of como, italia. ha Its crazy how life just keeps going while I am here but I am grateful that it does. I am grateful to be here serving the Lord and his children in Como, Italia. I love you all.

sorella carter

View from our kitchen window

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Companion

New Companion
Well my companion Sorella Stephens is great. I love her! Always so patient and happy. She was in Reggio Emilia for her last 4 transfers (she is young in the mission as well) where there are a ton of people who speak english there so it is going to be a lot different than her last ward. We are going to learn a lot of Italian this transfer which will be great. Seriously this was such an answer to prayer because I really need to improve my italian this transfer. I am excited to work harder this transfer and learn a lot this new transfer with Sorella Stephens. I am very grateful I know how to us the bus and the area well enough because it would be rough if we were both new to the area. It has been good during lessons because I have been speakng more and the people are always so kind and patient and always willing to help me.

Saturday was our baptism! It was a beautiful night and went smoothly. It was so sweet because her husband who was less active when we started meeting with them was able to baptize our investigator (his wife). It was a very special night because I was able to see all of the changes happen. It brought tears to my eyes to see the changes that were made to get to this point. After the baptism her husband came up to us and said,"You have helped our family.. now it is time for us to help you". It was so sweet to hear those words come out of his mouth. They are going to be such a help to the ward. I am grateful that I know this sweet family and I truly feel that I knew them before.

Ward Mission Plan
On sunday our ward mission leader and our bishop proposed an amazing ward mission plan. We were all excited because the members are going to be more involved with missionary work and they will in return be strengthened from their efforts.

Help learning italian
We decided that we are going start having one of our recent converts help us with learning italian and after we will have a lesson with her. We asked her on sunday and she was just so excited that she could help us because she has only lived in italy for a year or two. I am excited to learn more italian and help her feel important and loved. It is going tobe a great transfer.

Scripture Studies
"Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is etended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I recieve; and blessed are those who come unto me." (The Book of Mormon...3 Nephi 9:14) What a beautiful promise for us. I read this scripture this morning and it made me very grateful that I can be here in Como, Italy inviting others to come unto christ. As I am inviting these people to come unto christ in returnI have become even closer to my savior and redeemer Gesù Cristo. I read 3 Nephi 11 today as well and it is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. It is when Gesù Cristo comes to the Americas and speaks to the people there. There is always such a sweet spirit as I read that chapter. I truly have a testimony that God is aware of his people wherever they may be in the world. He loves us. One of my favorite phrases to say to people on the street, investigtors, and etc is "Dio ci ama." I know that God loves us and will always love us even when we make mistakes. There have been some things this week tha have been difficult but one thing that always brings me comfort is that Dio ci ama. I know this is true and I am grateful for this knowledge I have.

I am getting more tired each day, but I love this feeling of working so hard and feeling that satisfaction after working hard. I am grateful to be here. I love these people. They are truly strengthening my testimony probably more than I am doing for them. I am somehow speaking italian to people... Heavenly Father has helped me so much already with this language and continues to help me each day with it. I know that heavenly Father is helping me through all of this and I am grateful for that. I love you all.

sorella carter

The como due sorelle with us...dont judge my tummy..ha

Saying goodbye

Como uno missionaries

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Well I knew it was going to happen eventually. change. Yesterday night we recieved the news for transfers. I AM STAYING IN COMO!!!! I am so happy! I love these people here so much. My new companion is Sorella Stephens! When I was in the MTC her sister was in my mtc group but is in the rome mission! I have only heard good things about sorella stephens and I am so excited to have her as my new companion. We are meeting her in Milano tomorrow. Sorella McCann is going as far down south as you can in our mission to Sienna. I am excited for her but sad to see her go because I now have to explain everything to my new companion and get us around the city of como. speriamo bene! I am ready for this new challenge. I need something to push me more.It is going to be a change but a good change.

All of our progressing investigators came to church! All of them! That was a miracle. The spirit was fortissimo and the testimony meeting was perfect for our investigators. It brought joy to us to see our American investigator pass the sacrament for the first time because he has only blessed the sacrament.

This Saturday
Our investigator that has the less active husband is gettin baptized this Saturday!  This Saturday! She is so ready! At church she was so excited because her husband wore his church clothes and wanted to show us. I love seeing them change their lives to be members of the church. I know that Saturday will be a special day and I am excited to share it with my new companon Sorella Stephens. I love this family and I truly feel that I knew them before.

I really don't have too much to say this week. I have a feeling I am going to be expected to do more now because I am officially done with the 12 week training program! hah. oh gheeze! It will be good for me because I know I am a lazy person so I need a good push.ha it shoul be an interesting transfer. I am going to try and work much more on the language this transfer. It will be a change but it just feels right and I am happy to mix things up a little bit in como.

Our investigators are doing well and I think that there will be some miracles this next coming transfer(sorry I have prbably said this 10 times already). I am just so excited!

I love you all! Have a great week. I will write more next week about the baptism.

sorella carter

Some of the members in our ward

Baggats..sorella mccann and I always use this word togther..and she appreciates it..hah i had to take a picture by the place with the name of baggats 

Su train giu bus...yes i did make myself cry using the fan.ha

The man we always see everyday. The good as it gets dog..