Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm a Nonna

Okay last Thursday I went to COMO. Yes I said it. I went back to como but just to pick up my permesso (to stay here in italy). That was truly a tender mercy. Plus that night an investigator that I had in como got baptized that night..glorious! It was a warm day in como and brought back the memories of the warm summer days there with the humidity.. 

I am soo blessed that I was able to serve there. 

So blessed. 

I am so excited to go back again someday with dad and walk down the streets together and talk about the streets we used to walk on and etc. It was a cool moment to just sit there and enjoy the moment. 

Before we got to Como to pick up my permesso I was praying that I would be able to see someone. So we were walking through centro and all of the sudden I see this old Italian man. I remembered that I talked to him my last transfer in Como so I said hello to him.. and he said, "Do you remember me?" And I told him yes.. After I started to laugh a little bit because I thought to myself,"Heavenly Father has a wonderful sense of humor..because my prayer was answered, but it wasn't exactly what I expected.".. We had to spend the night with the sorelle in milano because we live so far away. So we went with the sorelle of milano to their corso d'inglese. 

This was the greatest moment ever. 

I saw someone I knew from como in the church! It was so great to see her and talk to her for a minute. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. At times it is not the timing that we want or the answer that we were hoping or expecting for, but I know that he answers even the smallest of prayers. 

My bike is a little bit temper mental. We were to trying to leave somewhere one day and I tried to start my bike but the wheel didn't move. 

It wasn't moving at all. But the somehow it starts to move..But then as I was about to start I see that the front wheel is not connected to the bike..The bolt on the wheel was broken.. I thought to myself," Perchè!?  come mai?!"

 So Sorella Lemos and I did the unthinkable..We took of my front bike wheel and put it on the back of sorella lemos's bike under the clamp..then we connected the front of my bike to the back of my companions bike and we started walking.. It was hilarious! I wish I would have had my camera that day. It seriously was a hilarious sight to see. So the anziani in our branch fixed my bike wheel. horray! 

The next day was my birthday. I wokeup and sorella lemos made me breakfeat in bed and sang happy birthday to me.. It brought back all of the memories when mom would do that for me every birthday. Then we went to church! One of the greatest announcements was made. 

WE ARE GOING TO BE A STAKE!!! PALO DI FIRENZE! Sorella Lemos just looked at eachother and almost started to cry! They will no longer be a district! This was one of the best birthday moments ever. After Presidente told us that will will probably become a ward soon and are going to find a new building for our church...WHAT!? 

Literally this birthday just kept getting better and better...

We came to the church that night and our ramo mission leader and some of the members threw me a little surprise birthday party! It was so cute and so sweet! They made me food, a tiramisù with fresh strawberries on top, gave me some beautiful flowers from one of their gardens,a and we sang songs together.. Seriously it was the best birthday. They were so excited that it was my only birthday in Italy because I will always remember ti because of these wonderful members. 

The anziani fixed my bike but the next day my front wheel was flat.. I think it has a hole in the wheel..haha

 Questa bicicletta! 

We passed by a man and woman that we met doing cas this past week and he gave us a tour or his museum that he has in his home of a man named Giuseppe Garibaldi.. The museum was two stories..And his wife has a broche collection. It was hilarious because before we left they kept giving us postcards, books, and knick knacks or this man so we could be the only people in america with these things from Italy! haha His wife gave us little broches as well. They were so adorable. I love Italians! 

It was a good week besides the fact that we really don't have anyone to teach. I had a moment this past week where I realized that we are literally starting from scratch..I am exhausted. I am so tired. It is so hard to have a desire to go outside and try and find people to teach each and every single day. Please pray for me. I have just felt so much pressure these last few days with the huge change that we are becoming the stake of florence. I don't know why. I just feel pressured because we are opening for sisters right as this change is happening. It will be okay. hah I am doing good although the work is slow. I am hoping our family history class will help us to find some new investigators. 

I love you all. 

Sorella Rebecca Carter





sound of music moment

bday pizza

birthday surprise


davide "fixed"

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our gifts..haha

the moon

my new shoes! 

buona pasqua!