Thursday, August 28, 2014

la perseveranza

This week I have realized how hard it is to persevere. 

Literally everyday this past week there was always a little moment where I thought to myself,"Life would be a lot easier if I was at home right now".. But luckily each and every single day the Lord has shown me little miracles and tender mercies that help to realize that I have more work to do here in Italy. That I have more to give and sacrifice for his children here in Italy. 

I have a lot to learn still and through the Jesus Christ I have the chance to change to become more like him even if it hard. I am so grateful for my Savior and Redeemer. This knowledge helps me daily to know that I am a loved daughter of god and he is aware of all of the trials that I am facing because he felt them all. 



This video changed my mission. It has actually changed my life. I know that the Lord loves each of his children because I have felt his love for me and I have also felt his love for his other children. 

I am so grateful to be here in Milano although I am tired. The Lord gives me the strength everyday to do what he wants me to do. To open my mouth and talk to complete strangers. To speak a foreign language. To have love for all of his children. This is a miracle to me and I am grateful for his strength and support. 

This week we meet with a meno attiva that we found on the metro. She hasn't come to church in over 13 years. We met with her this past week and she told us that she will be coming to family home evening and to church on Sunday. I am praying that she will come this week because she is such a wonderful woman. 

Here in Milano we teach Italian class and our one student that comes faithfully doesn't speak English or Italian.. haha.. So it is very challegning to say the least. 

Everyday here in Milano we talk to so many wonderful people. I am grateful to be here right now. 

I just want to say Congrats to Ryan and Sonya because little Kalan Ryan Carter was born! He looks so cute! I can't wait to meet him and hold in in a short little while. I love you all and I hope Kalan and Sonya are doing well! 

I love you family! Enjoy cute little newborn Kalan for me! Give him lots of love for me! 

Vi voglio bene! 

Sorella Rebecca Carter 

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