Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For Him

This past week has been a little bit crazy to say the least! First of all the talent show went so well! Almost all of the branch members were there! It was a success! We had some friends of the members there as well which was wonderful. We sang with one of our members "Sempre vicino a te" and I sang contralto (alto). So it was a great festa for the branch. 

This past week was a little bit rough. 

We have been trying so hard to find new people to teach, but almost all of the people that we have found have dropped us already. I have had some hard days on my mission but I dare say this was the hardest week of my mission thus far. 

The weekends always seem to be the roughest because that is when our investigators are out of town, busy and etc. So we did lots of finding this past week. It has been so hard because we call to set return appointments with the people and they either just just respond, answer and hangup when they find out that it is us or are a little bit mean to us.


This week I realized something that helped to put everything into perspective. I began to think who I am doing my mission for and why I am doing it. When it all comes down to it I am doing this for my Savior Jesus Christ whom I am grateful for. I love my Savior and I realized that I am going to have to suffer at times because he suffered everything for me and all of the people who will ever live. 

As I began to think about that it made it easier finding all day realizing that I am doing everything out of the love that I have for my Savior.  Seriously I feel like Ravenna has been so challeging for me. Especially starting from square one. But I can say that all of the trials that I have had here in Ravenna have been for my good. I have learned so much here and I am grateful because it has strengthed my love and testimony of my Savior. 

There are always tender mercies each and every single day. 

It was pouring rain again in july. We had our rain boots, rain coats in all. That day a women that we met told us that we could meet her again. She is so sweet. She asked us to pray that she can find the right path for her in life. I am praying that will continue to meet with her. 

Sorella Yost's birthday went well and we had a good day together. We got gelato to celebrate her birthday and also mom's birthday! AUGURI MAMMA! I got gelato in honor of your birthday mom! 

The things that got me through it this week: the fragola and cocco granita, they now have a ticket machine in Ravenna and realizing that everything I do is because I love my Savior. 

I am grateful for this time that I have to serve the Lord. I am tired but I love the Lord and I am doing all of this for him and his children that live here in Italy!

Vi voglio tanto bene,

Sorella Rebecca Carter


the rain storm in july! We got pretty wet to say the least!! HAHA

rain boots 

pday in rimini

ferris wheel in rimini

di nouvo..

piadina in rimini 

il mare