Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This past week all of the ward members came back from ferie aka back from a month long of vacation in Italy. Ferie Agosto is finally over. Luckily it was a lot easily this year in comparison to last year. There were people actually here still in Milano. That was a huge blessing. It has been great to get to know the members of the ward who have been gone. We even have some american families in our ward, which is pretty cool. 

This past week was better, but it was still hard. We have been trying so hard to involve the members in our work, but it seems like  almost everytime the lesson seems to fall through.

 There was a specific day where I was talking to someone on the phone that had to cancel our appointment with her and as soon as I hung up there was a text message from someone else cancelling with us. In the time frame of about one minute, two lessons were cancelled. That kindof sums up the past 4 or 5 days. haha 

Yesterday was hilarious because we were going to an appointment and I figured out how to get there, so to say the least.. I was so excited. So we get there and we were close to the duomo. We are walking on the street and the number the person gave us wasn't there. So I thought to myself," Don't panic..Maybe I heard the number of the house wrong?"  Then I called her and I found out that we were on the wrong end of milano.. She lives in a random area on the opposite side...

that was about the last straw for me..

I could feel tears come in my eyes.. 

I was so tired and frustrated..I was so excited to be going to the right place and on time (or so I thought) ahah. But it taught me a good lesson. Always be specific when you talk to someone and to ask for the right metro stop..haha 

I am grateful for the daily trials that I have each day. I know I said it. It is hard and it is supposed to be this way. I love my Savior Gesù Cristo and everything that I do is for him. I am grateful to have the time to serve the Lord. 

I have realized this past week of my testimony of onestà e l'obbedienza. I am so grateful for both of those two principles. I am very grateful that I was able to learn that from my last companion Sorella Yost  and the example that she was for me! 

I love you all and I am grateful for your prayers! 

vi voglio bene,

sorella carter

luini's for sorella grossarth's first time. 

california bakery? okay i'm in! I am going to try this after email today!