Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I love Milano. punto basta. 

The ward here in Milano Cimiano is huge. We have 180 active members! It is crazy. It is wonderful. The members here are mainly from south america, so I am learning spanish a little bit. It is amazing how I can understand them, but I can't speak spanish back to them. Seriously they are all so sweeet and loving here. 

My suitcase wheels are gone.. They are barely connected to my suitcases. So Sorella Yost and I struggled to push my suitcases around. When we got to Bologna centrale we had to make a binario change.. Which was supposed to be 10 minutes.. But we were late so we had 3 minutes to go to the binario up and down the stairs..I thought I was going to die.. I told Sorella Yost, "Go without me! Keep the train open for us!"..haha menomale we made it to milano.. So when we got to the milano cimiano church I literally looked like I have been through it. The sweet members just started to pour juice and give us food.. They were soo good and kind to us. I am truly blessed to serve here. 

My greenie is Sorella Grossarth from Gilbert, Arizona. She is awesome. She already can speak the language pratically. So that is a blessing for both of us. She studied at byu microbiology and is 19 years old. It is going to be an adventure getting arouns milano but it should be fun! Sorella Haslem is wonderful as well. I am grateful for her help because I would be completely stressed without her. I am starting to get nervous because she leaves next week and I still don't know the city that well.. YIKES! haha It is going to be great!

Here in Milano Cimiano the members love feeding sorelle...Literally my first 5 days here we ate with a member everyday. When I get home you will be able to tell that I served in italy..hahah 

Thomas has officically been a member for a year! Yay! 

I am blessed to be serving here! 

Vi voglio tanto bene, 

sorella rebecca carter

Sorella Grossarth my little verdina!

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