Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trio in Ravenna

First off I am staying in Ravenna with Sorella Yost!! YAY! But will are going to be in a trio with Sorella Gillette. I am so excited because she served in Bergamo and with one my old companions Sorella Woods. So I have heard lots of positive things about her. Sorella Gillette I have heard from others that she is from Las Vegas. This will be her last transfer in the mission so we are going to make sure that she will enjoy her last 6 weeks of the mission. I am so happy to stay in Ravenna. 

This past week was a little bit crazy. Our bikes got stolen on Saturday so Sorella Yost and I were a little bit stressed out because we had to buy new bikes. I was so sad because our bikes were locked out in front of our house and they were still stolen. I will miss Davide. But it probably was a tender mercy because my new bike Irene brakes work better. haha Tender mercies! Luckily the anziani let us ride their bikes until we got our new bikes. So we rode boy bikes for two days which was very challenging. It was a struggle, but now we have our new bikes.. Helga and Irene.. Now we have to buy another bike for Sorella Gillette..hahaha Locking the three bike is going to prove to be very interesting and entertaining.

Last week we had a wonderful Zone Conference in Firenze. I have realized what I need to work on for this next transfer. Mosiah 3:19. Anziano Hansen gave his last testimony as a missionary because he is finishing his mission and it was really interesting because I remember the first testimony I heard from an anziano leaving it was on the same topic. I am going to try and work on this this next transfer and try and do better of thinking about others and their needs first. Which is hard to do, but I know that it is something that I need to work on. I am so grateful for the spirit and that we can recieve answers to what we need to do and change in our own lives. I am trying to align my will with God's will especially this transfer to do what he wants me to do. 

I have realized on my mission how important the ten commandments are. It is very interesting to see how people have forgotten the original ten commandments that God gave to Moses back in the olden days. I am realizing that these ten commandments are still valid today and are so important for us to use and obey. I just hope that I can help some of the people here to realize this because the Old Testament is just not something that is read here very often in Italy. They love the gospels from the New Testament. I am grateful for the Old Testament so much more now because it holds these ten commandments that are so important for each and everyone of us. 

I am so grateful for the gospel and the scriptures that we can have the word of God here on the Earth today. 

Vi voglio bene, 

Sorella Rebecca Carter

I look like clara. I looked so excited..haha going to firenze

sorella jarvis and sorella walch from my mtc group

zone conference

sorella roth 

bergamo people

rimini zone

buddy photos! one morning sorella yost asked what I was wearing and asked if she could match me..haha yes..of course!

my bag I got in firenze

now we are offcially twins

some members in ravenna 

the anziani's bikes

our bikes were stolen.. with the anziani's bikes for two days

Sorella Yost's little brother Will sent me this little necklace.. Thanks Will!

 our new bikes.. irene e helga 

helga has a lot of character.. haha she's antique! 

happy halfway to christmas today!! we celebrated christmas for pday today by wearing christmas