Thursday, July 10, 2014

For longer than forever..

Well this past week we had a little bit of a surprise to say the least..also known as  SPACE TRANSFER! So Saturday afternoon we got a phone call from President Dibb.. As soon as we saw that it was him calling I knew that we were being separated. So he told Sorella Gillette that she would leave on tuesday to go to her new city Lodi. We were all so sad to say goodbye to Sorella Gillette. We all had a blast together for those two weeks together. So yesterday we were on the train for about half of the day because we had to take her up to milano. It was soo sad. Sorella Yost and I were exhausted after being on the trains all day! We went to bed right after we planned for wednesday and crashed.. 

So now it is just Sorella Yost and I again. The trio was fun while it lasted. 

We had a young women activity where we had one of the members teach us how to sew buttons and etc.. When I was sewing I didn't really pay to close attention to how close we sat next to one another.. Because a minute later I accidentally poked one of the young women with my needle.. whoops! I better be more careful next time! haha 

The fourth of July was the best day ever! We spent pranzo with our branch mission leader and his wife. It was adorable because he put up an american flag on his flag pole for us, even though he didn't know that it was the fourth of july that day. We had an Italian BBQ and learned some phrases in Napolitano and Romagnolo. We saw our branch president and his family that day as well and they asked us to sing some american songs for them. So we sang them some american songs and then we sang the Italian anthem with them, which was so much fun. After on our bike ride home a man was basically dancing in the pathway on his phone.. He moved back so I thought to myself, " I can make it!!" So I kept going. Right as I went in front of him he basically danced in front of my bike..haha IT was too late.. I accidently hit the man and somehow he stopped my wheel from moving and he just kept saying ,"Mi scusa.. mi scusa.." I looked back at Gillette and Yost and we all just laughed our whole bike ride home.. Ohh man!  Let's just say that the 4th of July was unforgettable! 

I love our members here they are so sweet! They are all so caring and really want our branch here in Ravenna to become a ward. 

On our train ride home from Milano we had a lesson with a very intectual man. It was a very neat experience to teach this man and to have my testimony strengthened of the gospel as we taught him. It made me realize that with the gospel we can find logical answers to our questions, but it is important for us to have the faith first. That it is so important for us to recieve a witness through the Holy Ghost of the truth. 

I am realizing everyday that my time on the mission is getting shorter and shorter. I still have weaknesses and I am by no means perfect. But I am a different person than I was at the beginning of my mission. I am trying my best to make the most of this time that I still have left because I want to give my life for my Savior as his representative. I want to continue to become more like him. 

Mark 8:35 I know that this verse is true. I have seen that as I have given my life and I have sacrificed my time, talents and efforts for the Lord I have recieved soo many blessings. We have been given so much and I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

I hope you all are well. I love you all so much and I hope that you know that! 

Vi voglio tantissimo bene, 

Sorella Rebecca Carter 

pre 4th of july

4th of July with our branch mission leader! They are wonderful! 

God bless America! With their cute little american flag! 

"i like cibo...i like cibo.. i like cibo..hey hey hey heyyy!"


goodbye sorella gillette!