Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This week has been a good week. We picked up Sorella Gillette on Thursday in Bologna which went well. She is so great! I love her so much already! The three of us have such a good time together and we are making the work move forward here in Ravenna. Sorella Gillette is hilarious. She served in Bergamo (the same exact ward as me), she trained my companion from the mtc Sorella Walch and she served with one of my other companions as well Sorella Woods. So it is fun having both her and Sorella Yost together. Sorella Gillette is a convert to the church so I love hearing about her story and conversion. I am excited for the transfer and I know it is going to be another good one! 

This past week we learned from a member how to make a type of pasta called tappi letti (I think it was called). For every one egg you use 100 grams of flour. Then you knead it all together and then you put it through the machine to make it skinnier and then into another one that turns it into noodles. They were delicious! It was probably one of the best meals that I have ever eatten in Italy. 

On our way to Bologna we sat next to two men. One of which looked like dad's twin, but his Italian twin. So the whole time on the train ride I thought to myself, " I need to talk to this man, but I don't know how to" because they were both talking to eachother. So the whole train ride I was praying that I would somehow be able to talk to them..Then all of the sudden they started talking to us which was great because it was an answer to my little prayer. Just another lesson that God answers prayers and sometimes not in the ways that we would expect. 

We found a third bike for Sorella Gillette.. The bikes are re, white and blue.. American colors. 

New favorite treat. Granita. It is the Italian slurpee. 

Today we went on a 45 minute bike ride to the ocean which was wonderful. ALong the way we passed by corn fields, fruit trees, fruit stands, sunflower fields, and hay fields.. It was glorious. It was beautiful and reminded me of home with the beautiful blue green water. We ate our granita's as we enjoyed beautiful Italy. I am blessed. 

This past week week we have found lots of potentials. Pray for us. I think we have found some golden people who are ready to accept the message of the gospel!

On Sunday the anziani and us taught a combined lesson because it was the 5th sunday of the month. So we talked about missionary work and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. I have realized that it is through the little things that we do that help us to become disciples of Christ. My favorite part was watching a little video from the church called "Grazia a lui" which is wonderful. watch it! It made me realize all that the Savior has done for me. I am so grateful for my Savior and what he has done for me. 

I love you all!

Vi voglio bene, 

Sorella Rebecca Carter

making pasta

our favorite treats

happy birthday clara and grace!! 
bike ride for pday