Saturday, June 21, 2014

One year in Italy!

This past week was my year mark in Italy. Which is a funny story. I tried to remember what day I came to Italy and for some reason I thought that I came to Italy June 14th, 2013..Well I was a little bit off. Sorella Yost said to me on June 12th in the morning that it was someone elses year mark on the mision. I just looked at her and said it's my year mark in Italy today too..whoops! hah So I missed the mark on the one oh well!. So we celebrated my fake year mark on saturday anyways by getting gelato, which was the best! I got apricot and chocolate gelato with white chocolate in it... It was all brand new gelato when we went there.. I felt very special indeed. 

This past transfer I have realized that I am obsesed with apricots.. I love them. I am so sorry that I talk about food in every letter that I write home.. ha I was filling out my family booklet and I was writing about myself and I reread what I wrote and thought to myself," I talk a about cibo too much..."..haha Then Sorella Yost made a song up about cibo..which goes something like this,"I like cibo, I like cibo, I like cibo..hey hey hey hey!" hah Then we both just started to laugh.

Sorella Yost is great. We are always singing funny songs that we make up with eachother and we are always laughing at something. I am so grateful for her and I really hope that I can stay with her for another transfer because we have transfers next week again already. We sing primary songs together all of the time. Like ," The prophet said to plant a garden and so that's what we'll do!".. too much fun. We better stay together! 

Sometimes my brain doesn't work in english or Italian and I just end up combinig the two languages together or saying things I didn't mean to say. This past week I told someone, " Salute i suoi gatti.." Struggles..Luckily the person that I was talking to just laughed with me. 

Italians loves cats. 

Tomorrow we have zone conference in Firenze so Sorella Yost and I are excited because she served near Firenze. I will send you pics for that next week and tell you how it went. Next week we have transfers again and I am just hoping that I can stay another transfer here in Ravenna. I love this cute little city. I don't think I can have another companion for only one transfer.. But we will see what happens. 

I am sorry that my brain was so scattered this week. I am grateful to be here serving the Lord. I feel like I have changed a lot being here in Italy for a year. I love my life as a missionary and I grateful to preach the good news everyday. Although there are some days where people just tell us,"Non mi interessa." I have realized how important this message is for me. It has strengthened my testimony of the gospel and why it is important for me. I have realized that in the end they are not rejecting me as a person but they are rejecting the Savior who has set the example and given them the way. I know that this is the true church and that it can change people completely for the better. It has changed me. I know that it can change anyones heart if they are willing to change their heart. 

I love you all! 

con affetto, 
Sorella Rebecca Carter

my first day in italy

one year later


year mark and fake year mark..hah

you don't always look this good at your year mark..hah 

this is a rare case.. haha

just enjoying my life as a missionary in italia

gelato for fake year mark!

my family booklet. It is all in Italian!

my fan. sempre vicino a me... 

then there is my hand fan.. it is needed

apricots! my favorite!