Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Visitor from the sud..

So this past week I had a little visitor ring our citofono...

It was AUDREY! 

Bless her kind soul! It was so wonderful to see her in Italy as Sorelle. I am so grateful for her and the example that she has been to me! It is crazy to me how the Lord specifically places people in your path to bless your life, for the rest of your life. Seriously it was wonderful to hear her voice and talk about Italy and the mission. It was a blessed surprise and I was grateful to see her. Her sweet parents were just as kind as ever to us and bought us groceries, which was so kind. 

Audrey brought stoney to me from the south..he is back in the north again. 

As we were talking to a woman on the street this past week she turned to me and said," Are you from Croatia? Your face looks Croatian and your accent sounds Croatian".. Those are my ancestors I told her. haha That made me happy to hear that in a way that I look like my ancestors from that part of the world. That brought a smile to my face this past week. 

Sunday the phillipino family came to church for the first time and they were able to meet different philippine members in our ward. They are so sweet and I am so grateful to be teaching them. Also 3 sisters came to church on sunday and they told us that they want us to teach then the missionary lessons. So now we are teaching them as well. The Lord is blessing us. I feel like all of my hard work throughout my mission is blessing me now. I feel like I am seeing the fruits of my hard work and labors and I am grateful to be here. 

It is hard to believe that general conference is this weekend! I am excited to listen to the Prophet President Thomas S. Monson and his 12 apostles. I am grateful that we have modern day prophets because they recieve revelation for us. It is still crazy to me that 2 years again was when they changed the age for missionaries. I will forever be grateful for the age change because I am now here. I am serving the Lord as one of his missionaries. 

I have one month left. I don't believe it. I am just going to enjoy everything. The people, the culture, the food, and being able to teach people everyday the gospel as a representative of Jesus Christ. 

I read this past week in the Book of Mormon ether 12:6 which talks about the Jaredites going across the seas in the barges to reach the promised land. It talked about how the Lord gave them trials that helped them to eventually reach the promised land. I was thinking about this and I was able to look back on my life and specifically on my the Lord blessed me with many experiences and trials. He has pushed me time and time again, but each of these trials have pushed me to my promised land and have helped me to be prepared for what was to come next. I know that there are times in life when the Lord may push us beyond what we think our capacity is, but he always helps us to arrive to safety. He stretches us and helps us to reach our full potential. 

I love you all! 


Sorella Rebecca Carter

stoney is back! 

audrey in the nord!

audrey and the famiglia rossell! love them!


he's back....hah


Today we went to palazzo reale and we saw marc chagall! I think sandi would have appreciated that!