Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reality Check

This past sunday was the year mark for one of my new converts in Como named Angela. I am so grateful that I was able to teach her because she taught me so much. She is such a wonderful example to me of being a good mother. I will never forget her husband calling us and telling Sorella McCann and I to come over and teach his sweet wife. These are the memories that I cherish from my mission and that make me so grateful for the time that I have to serve. 

This past week was our zone conference with all of the missionaries in the milano area. It was wonderful and it was strange to think that was my last one. As the departing missionaries bore their testimonies, I began to realize that the time I have left is coming to a close. Before we left someone handed me a letter..

which said "customs letter"......

I felt a pit in my stomach as I looked at the envelope. As we were riding the metro I felt so much gratitude for the time that I have been here in Italy to serve the Lord. I began to think of all of the different lessons that the Lord has taught me on my mission and it made me feel full of gratitude. It made me get sad almost bringing tears to my eyes to think about it. I realized that I needed to stop thinking about how much time I had left or it would make me feel really sad so I began to talk to a milanese woman. I know that my time is short here now and I want to do all that I can to just love these people here in Italy. The Italian people have changed me and I am grateful for the experiences I have had thus far. I am just grateful that I still have a little bit of time left here to enjoy this time and to give my very best. 

This past week I have been reading the story of Daniel. It is amazing to me how much courage he had to do what he knew was right even when it was hard, against what others thought or did. He knew what was right and he prayed to the Lord. He was put into the lion's den, but he was protected because of his faith and his belief. I also love the story of (please excuse my spelling) Shadrack, Meshack, and Aben-dego. As I read this story it made me realize who much of an influence we can have on people. Sometimes we do not know if we have made an influence, but it always seems to be that there is always one person that we affect. There have been moments here in Italy where I have felt like I didn't help someone, but later I found out that I actually did make an impact. 

I am learning a lot of useful skills right now such as patience and not getting stressed out when things do not go as planned. Which is a really good thing for me. The wonderful thing about life is that we never stop learning there is always more that we can learn. 

We found a cute family from the Phillipines this past week. After we sang a hymn with them the husband said that we will have to sing a hymn together because he plays the guitar and I can sing the alto part. So I am excited to teach the family a simple hymn. When he said that it reminded me of all of the times that I played guitar and sang with both Ryan and Sandi. 

I am very blessed and grateful. There are no other words to describe it. 

Vi voglio bene, 
Sorella Rebecca Carter 

This was a little fair that was out in front of our home one fine morning. 

who knew there was a castle in milano?