Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keep calm and carry on

Well I feel this week I have been better about keeping calm and just going with the flow when things didn't go as planned. All I can say is that the Lord has been reminding me of the work that I have done here in Italy. There were a couple of experiences this past week that made me so grateful for the people that I have met on my mission. 

This past week there was a day that I was just needed something to cheer me up. When I found out that I was going to milano my secret wish was that I would be able to see some of the members from como because they stole my heart. Well this past week my wish came true! 

We were waiting at the metro and all of the sudden I heard someone yell, "Carter!".. I looked across the way and it seemed to good to be true.. I saw one of my absolute favorite members from como. She came over to where we were standing and I was able to talk to her for a little while. My heart felt so full as I saw her I literally couldn't speak. The words couldn't come out of my mouth because I was filled with such joy. She told me how she remembered when I first got to Italy and couldn't speak and in the moment it was funny because I couldn't speak again because I was in complete shock. haha I am so grateful that I was able to see her in the metro because she is literally my peruvian mother and I love her soo much! I still can't believe that we saw eachother because it truly was a tender mercy for me that day. 

Then on sunday I saw another woman from como that I taught. When I saw her I asked if she remembered me and she said, "Of course I remember you!". It was just a great little week of gratitude for me helping me to remember to be grateful and enjoy the ralationships, the culture, the people and the time that I have to godere these people. 

We are teaching a wonderful family from the phillipines. They are so open and they are always so nice to us. The husband tried to make me play the guitar, but I couldn't remember anything so that was funny. They all have such a desire to learn more about our message. Our lessons go from english to tagolog and then to italian.. sometimes it is hard to know which language to speak in.. haha except for tagalog..haha 

I am learning how to keep my cool in the stressful moments of life. I have been doing better at that this week trying not to stress out about everything. So that has been my new motto this past week "keep calm and composed" haha 

Today I finished the old testament, which has been very helpful to read. I am so grateful for all of the scriptures that we have because they help us to come closer to our savior. I just want to end with a verse that I read in the Book of Mormon today in alma 32:6. It says,"..For he beheld that their afflictions had truly humbled them, and that they were in a preparation to hear the word." I feel like that has been happening to me recently. The Lord is continually humbling me through my trials. It has been good because it has made me more grateful for the blessings that I have. Through the little things each and every single day. I know that the Lord is aware of all of his children and wants us to be happy and enjoy the beautiful moments of life because there are so many. I am trying to enjoy the days that I have left here in Italy because they are running few. I am grateful for the people here because they have changed me. 

I love you all and I just wanted to thank my home ward for the sweet letter that you sent me! I was so happy and excited to read that this past week! I love you all and I hope all is well for you all. 


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