Wednesday, June 11, 2014

piccoli miracoli

Well I just want to start with a miracle that happened on sunday. We have been working a lot with the less actives here in Ravenna because a lot of them couldn't be visited because there have only been anziani here. Now we are here. So we do a lot of less active work, which I love doing. We have been working with this one woman in particular since I got here to Ravenna. She told us that she didn't want to come back to church unless she felt like she needed to go.. Guess what happened? She surprised us and came to church on Sunday!! We were so happy! She was so happy. It was such a wonderful surprise. It was perfect because it was fast and testimony meeting where anyone can share their testiomny of what they know to be true. She went up to the pulpit and bore her testimony. I felt like such a proud mom during church. She loved church and was so happy to see all of the new members in the branch. The members were all so warm and welcoming to her..Thank you members of Ravenna. They did such a good job. 

Last week we found our favorite gelateria in Ravenna.. Chocolate in the bottom of the cone. enough said. It is called Papilla.

We do a lot of finding here in Ravenna. I think we do about 5 or more hours of finding people each day. Which includes parco, strada, casa e ecc. It is hard but the Lord is there with us every step of the way. 

There are always the little tender mercies each day. Last week we were in our favorite park doing finding ther..(people know us now and we are starting to become friends with all of the elderly women there). We were teaching these two women from Nigeria in the park last week. And one of the women had a daughter that was two years old. We were asking what they believed and the women with the girl just kept repeating, "God's timing is best". Side note a missionary you learn how to connect what people talk about to the gospel or the lesson you are trying to teach them. So I was trying to segway  " God's timing is best" into the gospel. I began to look at the other women and said, " It's true God's timing is the best because he knows exactly what we need.." I keep going on and Sorella Yost looks at me and whispers,"No.. That is the little girls name.." 

haha It is true. The little two year olds names was, "God's timing is best". The women was pregnant as well and we were curious to see what her next baby's name would be. 

I am grateful for these moments that make me smile. 

Today we went to San Marino which is close to Rimini. It was beautiful. There are three towers that we saw and there was a great view. We saw an Italian man painting watercolors. It was a great day. 

The work here is hard everyday but we are doing it. We are going to find someone ready for the gospel. I know it. 

Vi voglio tanto bene,

Sorella Rebecca Carter

our tourist group we went with..hah

san marino



pday in san marino

last tower


gracie made the wall. hah 

papilla! happy 9 months Sorella Yost!!