Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Che caldo ragazzi, pday con i nostri nonnini, e italia in generale

Well it is officially summer here in Ravenna. I am a little bit nervous because it is only June, quindi...I am a little bit scared for what the weather will be like in July, August and September..

 Today for Pday we went with our branch mission leader and his wife to a place called Comacchio which is basically the mini version of venezia . It was this cute little city with little tiny canals. It was such a wonderful Pday with them. It is so much fun  because every city that you serve in as a misionary there is always someone that reminds you of your grandparents. They are officially our nonni di Ravenna. Our nonnini! When they took us back we saw in their car that it was 95 degrees outside!...mamma mia! che caldo ragazzi!! It is going to be an interesting summer. It feels like the Sahara desert with the constant feeling as if you have just taken a shower as soon as you step outside.. It is glorious. Nothing quite like it! haha Luckily we have fans so we will survive this summer! Yay technology!

Last weekend we had a booth for the church and we talked to a lot of people at this event. It was very successful and we found lots of potentials. We are hoping that one of these people will have interest to learn more about the church. It was a good mostra and it was a new way for us to find new people to teach. 

We got a new bike lock this past week! Woooo!! That was great news because our old one was very heavy and someone we were teaching this past week gave us a brand new bike lock because they felt bad for us. haha yay! new bike lock. 

gelato. Summer is the season of gelato. enough said about that. 

We were so happy because on sunday our meno attiva came to church again!! Two weeks in a row! We hope that she will keep coming each week. Since I arrived here in Ravenna she has changed a ton. It is remarkable to see the changes the gospel can make in people's lives. She has changed so much. It makes me yet again grateful for the gospel and that it helps us to become more like our savior Gesù Cristo. It seriously is amazing! 

Happy Father's Day to everyone! I love you all. I love my mission more and more each day that I am here. Sorella Yost and I are having a blast together and are working hard. We had a scambio with other sorelle and after we looked at eachother and just realized how much we missed eachother. ha I love Sorella Yost she is the best! 

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Rebecca Carter

happy easter 2015! hah thank you kelly! we had a good time. we did this two weeks ago and I forgot to send the photos.

bug spray!!! I found it! ecco lo!

the booth

fish market


our nonni! They are hilarious! I love them so much!