Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day

This last week has been good, but has also been a little bit rough for me. I dont know why but for some reason this last week I just felt giu. I think it was a combination of the rain and that we were dropped by some of our investigators. It was the strangest week because I have never felt like this before. I was not like myself. We two breakups with investigators before Valentine's Day. It was the pre-valentine's day break-up before the big day. Both of which break-ups were via text message. ha
 So I decided to asked for a blessing from the anziani because I was just feeling strange and not like myself. So I was able to recieve a blessing which was needed. I am so grateful that I did because after I was a changed person. I was back to my good old Sorella Carter. I am so grateful for Priesthood blessing and that we have the power to act in God's name today. That is such a huge blessing that we have today that we can have this authority to be able to feel of his comfort and to do important ordinances such as baptism. There have been so many moments on the mission where I realize how important a certain principle is for me. I am so grateful for the sweet anziani here who are worthy to have the priesthood so that I could receive a blessing. I feel blessed truly. I have felt so much love these past couple of days and I am grateful to be here in Bergamo.
Here in Bergamo there are lots of animals..not just any animals but farm animals. It is great. We have to take busses into the mountains of Bergamo, so we are able to see the cute little animals such as minature horses, roosters, geese, bunnies, and etc. This is one of the reasons why I love Bergamo.
Well we had to hike down another mountain because the bus was never going to come..hah so we hiked down the mountain in the rain. It was funny because that morning the sun came out and tricked us all. So I wore my red coat just feeling all happy that the sun had made an appearance. So I didnt bring a umbrella! No! never again! So we had a fun little adventure hiking down the mountain in the rain. Then we saw a bus pass by and I waved at him. So he rolled down his window and asked where we were trying to go. So we told him and he told us to get in his bus because we were both drentched. Then the next thing we hear is the bus driver calling his fellow bus driver friend telling him to wait for us to come! Bless his kind soul! He saved the day. We were able to make it home safely because of that kind bus driver who called the other bus driver. I know that Heavenly Father is watching us and protecting. The only downside now isthat I have a cold tutto ben tutto ben!
We were so excited this week because the miracle family that we found on the tram came to english class! We were praying so much that they would be able to come. It was wonderful because we had our stake presidente there and his wife as well. We gave a really quick tour of the Church for them and one of the boys said to us that he has a classmate that is mormon and he told us her name and we all started to smile...because the girl he was talking about is a girl in our ward and her family live on the floor above us. We are just hoping that through english class through time they will become interested in the Church because they have all been so well prepared it is ridiculous! Vediamo un'po!
Buon Sera Signora is what I meant to say while doing casa over the citofono but what I really said was "buona singorata!" This seems to happen a lot in both inglese and italiano these days. I have started combinding words together. It is pretty hilarious because I never mean for it to happen and yet it happens.
This past week I read Alma 27 and in verses 17-18 it talks about Ammons joy. I love these verses that he was consumed with so much joy that he fell to the earth. So I began to think to myself "How can I have this much joy in my life?" I began to think about this some more and I thought of a few things. I think the greatest ways for us to have this sort of joy is through service. I have seen a difference in myself from when I have served Others and I have only been thinking about myself. I have know that service รจ un bellisimo modo che possiamo sentire la gioia durante questa vita. The greatest joy that I have felt in my life has been through serving Others and by living the gospel. Not just knowing the gospel but actually living the principles of the gospel. As it says in 2 Nefi 2:25 that we are supposed to have joy in this life. Even though there are moments in cui we are facing trials and turmoil that we can still find the joy in life. I know that God wants us to have this joy and I have felt that stronly this week. I know that he is aware of each of us so personally. I love you all and I hope that you will all have a wonderful Valentine's day!
I will be finding out next week for transfers. I think Sorella Roth and I will be staying together but you never know!
Sorella Rebecca Carter

Happy Valentine's Day!