Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Father of the bride moment

Well this past week was beautiful! It felt like primavera! There was sunshine, birds chirping, bugs in the air, etc. It was wonderful while it lasted...Now the rain is back with avengence..hah It was a nice little break while it lasted. 

This past week we were walking by a man and said "Buona sera" come sempre.. He then began to say the classic "Do I know you all?" and we told him no. He then started by saying "yeah it is just better to say hello to people and be nice to people that you don't know"....Literally I kidd you soon as those words came out of his mouth he read Sorella Roth's targetta and booked it into the nearest store.. These are the moments that make me laugh. 

The clothes pin. So sunday we were walking home and I see a clothes pin so I pick it up because I see a woman hanging her laundry above where we were walking. So I asked her if I should throw it up to her and she said "prova!" I did..I then realized I have lost all sense of coordination hit a towel and landed on the ground and broke. It reminded me of the classic scene in "Father of the Bride". the classic pool was I have the pin..I am going to bring it back to her fixed..hah

Domenica we had a little miracle. We had an investigator come to church for the first time in the whole transfer!! We were so happy to have her there in church. Miracles miracles. It's the little things! 

This transfer Sorella Roth and I decided to only speak in Italian..which is going okay. I have had a couples moments where I just completely forget to speak in italian..but sto provando.. It is a lot easier to speak to people when we are outside though. From Monday and Tuesday we were able to have 9 lessons already this week (which is a ton to start out with at the beginning of the week). We were even able to get in on casa and have a lesson with someone which was a great miracle. There are going to be some good miracles this transfer. 

This past week I read Alma 46 about Captain Moroni and his motto della libertà. I was reading this and I was trying to think of what my title of liberty would be. What are some things in my life that I want to protect? I am grateful that Moroni had the courage to stand up for his beliefs and protect that which was most sacred to him (his family, freedoom, and religion)

I also really loved the story in Alma 47 about Amalakiah and Lehonti. I was thinking how there are moments in life where we don't feel like we are good enough to be children of god. We feel as if we are unworthy of this because we feel like we aren't perfect, made a mistake, etc etc. One of the greatest things to know if that we are children of God. Being children of God we have such a divine potential to become like him in this life. That doesn't mean that we are perfect, but we can change. piano piano. I am so grateful to know that I am a daughther of god. Sono un figlia di un re dei re! I feel so special to have that knowledge of this. We all have this to potential to become something meravigliosa! I am so grateful for this chance I have to be here in Italia serving the Lord. His work is hastening and I can see that so clearly here and all that is happening at home as well. 

Love you all, 

Sorella Rebecca Carter

the pin

whiteboard finding

I am all about the fur coats and so are the italians.. I almost got this today. haha It was so soft. It might have been rabbit fur or something..who knows!

found this little pup while finding one day

we are friends now! his paw was touching my finger..ha