Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby left on the tram...and the half way mark!!

Well on the 1st of February I hit my halfway mark which was very strange to think about. So I am not going to talk about that anymore. ha Anyway. 

This past week it snowed in the mountains of Bergamo. We had an appointmenmt with one of our less active members and she literally lives on top of a mountain. And we have to walk down the mountain because the bus doesnt come up the mountain very often. She we hiked down the mountain in the snow which was an adventure. I felt like a little kid again walking in the snow. Trying to make sure I didnt slip on the road. ha It is these little moments that I love about my mission. 

Tram is always very interesting... Last week we were on the tram going home and a woman was going to get on the tram with her stroller, so she pushed the stroller in the tram but the door strted to close and the mother was in halfway but backout of the doorway. So there was a baby on the tram. The mother was left at the tram stop. It was strange. Everything just felt like a movie and it was all going in slow motion. We were all whistling and trying to get the tram drivers attention but he couldnt hear us because his door was closed and there was a curtain that covers the front. So we got his attention and told him that there was a baby on the tram. So luckily we stopped at the next tram stop and the mother was able to retrieve her baby.. tram. 

We went to Verona on Friday and Saturady for a Scambio which was fun because it was my first time there in Verona. I was excited until I found out that I would be riding a bike. NO! Fears do become a reality in the mission! haha Everyone in my family knows that this was one of the few things that I was scared about for the mission. So I was a little bit nervous to say the least. I was scared because it has probably been over 9 months since I have last rode a bike. I just prayed the whole time I was riding the bike in the rain that I would be protected and I am happy to say that I am okay. Tutto posto. I can say now that I can ride bikes in the mission and be okay, but the after affects of the bici were painful. That is the only reason I hope that I will not have to ride the bici again in the mission.

 Yesterday we were so excited because we had 4 lessons planned in the presence of a member. But everytime we would leave to go outside. All bundled up and ready the person would call and say"Sorry I can't!" 3 out of the 4 lessons were cancelled. So I was a little bit giu that day realizing we would be doing lots of finding and casa. As we were going on the tram we started talking to a man and he started speaking to us in english so we were able to teach him about the church. But he had to get off so we could only give him a passalong card. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a man and he is trying to get our attention. He is signing something to us. He signed in sign language"asl", so we went over and tried to communicate with this man. We texted him messages on our phone for him to read and we found out that he is italian and that he wanted us to come over to his home and talk to him. So he gave us his address and we began to go to his home. Along the way the people we asked for help were all so kind to us (this doesnt happen like this all of the time) People were asking other people if they knew where the street was for us... We asked a man if he knew where the street was and he said,"I will walk you there! I live on that same street" So we finally got to the deaf mans home and we realized that we forgot to ask for his name. So we had no clue what his name would be on his citofono. So we rang one and we asked the woman if she knew a deaf man because we didnt know his name. The woman told us the mans name. People dont like to give you names to citofonos even if you accidentally forget there name, they just tell you to leave or that you have the wrong address. We made it inside and we saw the man. And we taught him a little lesson in the doorway. He had a pad of paper ready and we would write things to one another. We read scriptures from the book of mormon with him and we said a prayer with him at the end. I said the prayer and Sorella Roth wrote it down so that he could read it. We are going to meet with him next week because he seems so interested in the gospel. It was such a sweet miracle after a hard day. The Lord knows which of his children have need of his message and I am grateful we were able to teach this sweet man that is death and mute.

I was reading today in Alma 24:16-19 which talks about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and how these people buried their weapons of war and would rather die than to sin against god again. This help me to think today " what are my weapons of war". "what things do I need to bury like these people". I am going to try to bury those things this week and be a little bit better than I was this last week. I am so grateful for the book of mormon and the atonement of Jesus Chrits. Today I had so much gratitude for his atonement. I know that I am not perfect and have lots of things to work on, but through Christ I change help to strengthen those imperfections. 

I love you all! 


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9 months in the mission. I love my life

trying to dress more italian..haha 

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YOMO the best yogurt that I have ever eaten! I am addicted to this yogurt

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