Monday, October 28, 2013

Thirty Years Later..

Well after transfer news I have to be honest I was wondering to myself "Why am I still in Como?" I absolutely love it here.. The people, the ward, the city, everything..but I didnt know what I still need to do here in this city. Well to say the least I recieved that answer this week. This week we had an appointment planned and it was cancelled and all of our backups were not at home. In my mind for some reason I thought of an inactive member and the name popped into my mind. So I told Sorella Stephens "I think we need to go pass by this persons home"..When we got there I couldnt remember the last name for the citofono but the apartment door opened so we were able to get in. We then knocked on her door and she was home and she told us she just had gotten home from work.
 We had not seen her since my first transfer in Como and she was one of the few people that remembered dad. We talked about that for a little bit with her. She loved dad. It made me grateful to be able to still be in Como and talk to her. Especially to be able to not only represent Gesù Cristo but also my dad and bring back those good memories.
But that is not all a few days later we had a similar situation where our appointments got cancelled and another persons name came into my mind that we have tried to visit since I first got to como. So I told sorella Stephens again " I think we need to pass by this person"..So we ring her citofono and she was home! She never was home before. At first she told us she had no interest in the church but Sorella Stephens was so smart and decided to aske her when she was baptized. She told us over 30 years ago...Everything in my mind was clicking...I then asked if she knew my dad and showed her a picture and she said "yes!" All of the sudden her whole attitude changed. She remembered and called her mother to see if she remembered my dad and the mom said she remembered he was from california..She was shocked and so was I. I dont know why that before I never recognized her name it did sound very familiar.
I know I am still have work to do here in como. I feel very blessed and honored to be able to do this work and to help these people who know my dad remember the testimonies that they once had. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and I have seen many times how he knows what we need more than we think we need. Which is sometimes hard because we want things to go the way we have planned out. I am very happy to be here in Como with the rain and wind.
It is getting rainier and windier everyday. That is all I have tosay about that.
So I have a problem everytime we get in a lesson now I have a cough attack...ogni volta...okay only about 3 times
It usually goes like so. We are starting the lesson everything is fie and then rigth before the prayer everytime the itch in my throat comes. I look to Sorella Stephens with fear in my eyes. The coughing begins. The person we are teaching realizes that I am not stoping and gets me water and slowly but surely I stop coughing. Sorella Stephens had to tell the people to get me something to drink all of the times because when I would start to talk it would just get worse..hah
The funniest is part of it all was the face I had when I looked at Sorella Stephens because I had this face of utter fear for my life before the coughing scene.
So from now on I always have water and honey cough drops..ha
As a sidenote this week after my coughing attack during one of the lessons we found out that this woman's family was from Croatia and Yugoslavia..As she was saying this in Italian I got very excited thinking to myself, " Those are my people!" So I had to wait awhile to bring back the fact that we both have family from those places (so there would not be another cough attack scene). So we talked with this woman a little bit about family history and the class we have in church every week.
We had stake conference this weekend in Milano which was great. We had Anziano Boom speak who is an area seventy from Holland. Also Presidente Dibb and Sorella Dibb came and spoke on sunday in Italian! Which was so great to see him speak after many years after his mission. It was all focused on missionary work which was great to hear. Anziano Boom had all of the missionaries stand up and he talked about us and how we all need to work together. My favorite thing that he said was that "there are doors only sorelle can open..doors only anziani can open and doors only members can open." I loved that and I know that is true.  
It truly is interesting how the Lord knows exactly where we need to be and when. I know I still need to be here in Como and I am grateful that he was able to show me a little part of why I still need to be here.
Heavenly Father truly knows me better than I know myself and what I need right now to grow the most. I love you all.
Sorella Carter

We have a new Sorella in Como, Sorella Brown