Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hard Day, Rewarding Week

Well lets just say that this week has been hard. There was on day in particular where I was getting down on myself for the language and I just didnt feel like I was helping anyone. I am so grateful for my companion Sorella McCann. She is so sweet and knew exactly what I needed to hear. After that day the rest of the week went well.
New people
We have a new sorella in our apartment and she is just a little ray of sunshine. Sorella Baer is so happy all of the time. She is always asking "what can I do to help you". She is so sweet and has a good sense of humor, so we are very grateful to have her in como. Our district is basically half new missionaries which is fun to have a change. Our district has a ton of pretty new missionaries. Our district leader is training a new missionary and is opening again in our ward. We are so grateful to have anziani back in our ward. It is going to be very helpful to have them.
So the other day we decided to do casa and we go to this apartment that looks very promising.. When we get in we start the casa and literally after every door there was a strange situation. Someone told us they couldnt hear us..another person said they had to help someone that was sick and so on.. After we got out of th apartment I turned to Sorella McCann and said "I think that we may have done casa in a convalesent home" (Ignore te spelling). Well we are not going back there again. hah
Scripture studies
Recently I have been praying to know how I can have more charity and love for all people and this week I recieved an answer through my scripture studies in th Book of Mormon. I was reading in Alma chapters 17-20 and in these chapters it talks about Ammon and King Lamoni. This is one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. In these chapters ammon costantly is doing service and servingthe king. He even asks king lamoni basically how can I serve you more. It was a simple answer that through serving others we can create charity and love for people. It is an interesting story because king lamoni changes his wicked ways and changes. He changes because of Ammon and his service.
     Later it talks about how Ammon and King Lamoni have to go and get Ammons brothers out of prison and they have to talk to king Lamonis father.who was not very happy. Ammon asks his father to do two things and the father could see the love that ammon had for his son and so he told them he would leave his son alone basically.
     I loves these two stories  because it shows that  when we serve others and we have love for them people notice. I have a strong testimony of this and I know that as we pray for opportunities to serve others the lord will put service opportunities in our path. I have tested this many times and prayed that I could have service oppotunities and everytime I had some small experience where I was able to help or serve someone. I know that the Lord wants us to help, build, uplift and serve one another. I hope that I can use these things that I have learned eachday because the greatest happiness I feel in ife is when I am serving others and I am not focusing on myself.
For our zone vision this transfer we are focusing on finding and tryng to get 5 new numbers/addresses a day. We were on the bus yesterday and I saw this woman and in my mind I thought I want to talk to her..the next thing I know I start taling to her in Italian..hah I told her who we were and of unique message of the restoation and the bookof mormon.My Italian was not amazing but the spirit was there and she listened to me as I struggled to speak to her in Italian. Luckily Sorella McCann came over to help me understand her name and hen I asked her for her number. Which she gave to us. We have an appointment planned with her this week. I know that without the spirit she would not have listened to anything I said andf would not have given us her number. I am grateful that I was able to do this small thing because it made me realize that I can do this with the Lords help.
It started out to be a hard day but it turned out to be a great week.
love you all,
sorella carter

last week we went to lugano or pday which is in switzerland! army knife..from switzerland.ha

2.crossing the border to switzerland

3 beautiful lugano

swatch for is would like it mom!