Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feriale Augosto

Well lets just say it's feriale augosto which means a lot of people are on vacanza and lots of random store are closed. The buses do not come as often.. Plus next week our ward members are going to switzerland to the temple all week staying in a bunker (soo cool) and to top it off our favorite will be closed that week. So next week will probably be the hardest week of my mission thus far. ha I will let you know how next week goes
Book of Mormon Miracle
Last week we were teaching the woman that I talked to on the bus last week! She is great! The only thing is she works a ton! So we cant meet with her again until a end of augosto. But during our lesson we were teaching her in front of esselunga(aka the costco of italy) and all of the sudden this man comes up to us and asks us if he can have a book of mormon..ha so we told him they were free and that we can teach him about it in a lesson. So hopefully we can teach him and give him his own book of mormon.
Before our lesson with the lady from the bus as we walked there a man walked passed us and as we walked up the stairs that same man told us to stop. So we stop and he was in gamba (on the ball)! He asked us I kidd you not "Where is the building for the mormons?". Our mouths dropped and we gave him a pass along card with our address on it! He said he found out about mormons onine and wanted to come to church! So hopefully we will see this man on sunday!
This saturday our investigator is getting baptized! He has been waiting a long time to be baptized and he seriosly seems like he has been a member his whole life. There have been soo many miracles happening for him that have made it possible for him to be baptized sooner than he thought he could get baptized. He is an American pastry(sp?) chef. He can make a mean devils food cake. He is ready to be a member of the church. We are excited because he will be getting the gift of the holy ghost and the priesthood, so he will be able to go with the ward to the temple. All I can say is that he will be an amazing member of the church and will help so many people in the church because of the trials he has faced in his life.
The Dungeon Affect
It has been pretty hot lately..haha We do what s called the dungeon affect aka closing all the blinds all day so that our aparment stays cool. So all day everyday our apartment looks like a dungeon because there is no light that comes ino our apartment.
Well the otherday we decided to get gelato and water on the hottest day. So I was very thirsty so I decided to get the huge water bottle (meant for a family of 10)..hah so I was holding my water bottle in one hand and my gelato in the other but I was really thirsty! So I decided to open my water bottle and as I opened it I knew it was going to explode..but I continued. I tried to figure out where to hold it so I accidentally grabbed it from the top..volcano of water everywhere. it was soo embarassing! On the floor..on my gelato..on the random candy clothes..everywhere...I kidd you not the woman working there held my gelato and said "Bere Bere"..Basically implying drink your water you dumb I will not be going back to that gelateria ever again.hah

Serata Famigliare
Last night we had family home evening and we decided to combine it with the Como 2 ward which was the best decision ever! We had an amazing tunout! So many people came! Sorella McCann and I taught the lesson on the Book of Mormon and owit is the keystone of our religion. There were investigtor, member, recent converts. Seriously a great night! Hopefully we can have even more success next week by having more people their.

Scripture studies
This morning I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma 32 which talks about faith. It is a beautiful chapter and I highly suggest that you read it! This is when Alma compares faith to a seed. There is one part in particular that I loved. Alma 32:27 tells us to experiment a particle of faith. A particle is so teeny tiny. He tells us that even if we start with just believing it can help our faith to grow. In chapter 30 of Alma it tells of a man name Korihor who is very wicked and asks to have God show him a sign that he is real. Korihor said that he couldnt believe in God unless he was unless he was given a sign. The point I want to say is that we must not wait for a huge sign to see if there is a god. Faith as it says in Alma 32:21 "is not to have a perfect knowledge of things". I am not perfect and I dont understand everything about the gospel but one thing I know is true is that as we have faith in God all things are possible according to our faith. I know that God loves us. I know that Gesù Cristo atoned for our sins so we can return to live with him. I know that if we even just experiment even a little particle of faith God will notice and help our faith grow into a field of trees.
Every week there is always one really hard day but it washes away as I realize all of the good thing I have ccoplished during that week and especially during that hard day.
I love you all! I hope you can experiment with faith this week and help increase your faith in one thing you want to work on.
love you!
sorella carter

Card from Audrey

Thank you audrey! I mean sorella rossell! I got it today! I loved the pictures, stickers, princess paper! I will be writing you a letter today!