Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Baptism

Ciao tutti!
Happy birthday Mom! Auguri! I love you and I appreciate all of your letters. I got one today! Thank you. I love you. Eat a slice of susie's cakes for me! ha Love you!

So Saturday was the baptism of our invetigaor. She was so cute. She dressed in all white and wore a white flower in her air. She told us that the flower was her favorite and that it represents purity. The baptism went well except the water was a little too warm. It is funny because when we first turned on he water it was freezing. But she made it and it was a very quick baptism. It was great too because her sister came who is not a membr so we are hoping that she felt the spirit and we can teach her again because she has been taught the lessons before.

Was seriously the best sunday thus far in Italy. We had this cute couple from switzerland visiting and they followed us off the bus to church. Our investigator recieved the gift of the holy ghost and bore her testimony as well. Then our miracle family came to church with the husband who is less active (his wife is our investigator). So she got to see our other investigator recieve the gift of the holy ghost.

We also had another miracle one of our other investigators is getting baptized august 10th. He found out that he could be baptized sooner than we thought. We are sooo excited for him. He loves the gospel and seems like he has been a member of he church his whole life.

The great people in our ward..the man on the far right thomas is getting baptized august 10th!!

There are always hard days during the week. Everyday there are moments when I think to myself "This is sooo hard..What have I gotten myself into"..but then there are those great moments that make merealize what I am doing and the importance of being here.

Oh Sorella McCann is with me for another transfer in Como! I am so excited. We have so much fun together and get along so well. I am excited for this transfer becaus I know it is going to be ull of miracles.

I have a funny story. The other day we were teaching a lesson to a less active men (this lesson is all in english) and all of the sudden he looks at me and says during the lesson "I think she has something to say"..It was funny because because he said it to me about threee or four times. So I must have had a funny look on my face or something when I wanted to speak.

This week I have been studying in Alma and it is an amazing book in the book of mormon. I love the first chapters in Alma because it constantly talks about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. One story in particular that I loved reading about this week was the story of Alma the younger and the sons of mosiah. I love this story because it shows how all people have the ability to change. It shows that according to our faith that we can change our hearts. In Alma 5: 33, 37-38, 59-60 shows us how Jesus Christ is our Shepherd and has called us and cotinues to call us. I loved this phrases in particular because it shows that now matter who we are, what we do, or how much we have sinned we can always turn to the atonement and repent of all of our sins. Jesus Christ is our shepherd and will always be ready with his arm extended is we are willing to humble ourselves and grab his hand. I love this chapter in Alma and it give me hope and faith that everyone has the ability to change. I have seen our investigators hearts change. I have noticed that when our investigators are reading the book of mormon that is when their hearts begin to change and they want to be the best that they can be.

It gives me hope that people can turn their lives around like the sons of mosiah/alma the younger and turn their lives into helping to serve the Lord. I know that as we turn to the Lord with a humble heart, repent of our sins and trust in him we will come closer to him and be happier than we have ever been before. This is the happiest I have ever been before in my life. I have to rely on the lord and the scriptures because I cant call mom or dad when I am having a hard day. I have to pray and trust in the Lord andhis will and know that it will all work out in his timeframe and his way. Although I dont have technology and etc like I did back home, I have the scriptures and  prayer. In the end you dont need much to live. I have had more happiness in these last few months because I am gaining a stronger relationship with the savior and a testimony of this gospel.

I am so grateful to be here and for the experience of sharing this gospel to those who are ready for its message. I want to bear my testimony of the atonement and that no matter what we have done in the past we can always reach for the saviors hand and repent of our past sins. I am grateful for the atonement because through the christ's atonement we can return and live with our families, god and jesus christ for eternity.

I love this work.Its hard everyday and I am learning how to be patient with others each and every day. I love you all and think of you daily.

sorella carter

fabrizio a recent convert

bishop cusin baptized anabel

making tiarmisu for others..and possibly us as well