Monday, January 20, 2014

New Beginnings

Alright so Thursday I went to Milano to meet my new companion Sorella Roth. It was the best because I was able to see Sorella McCann!! I think I may or may not have screamed when I saw her there. She kept telling me"okay take deep breaths it is going to be okay". It was so great to see her there. I missed her sooo much! I love Sorella McCann!

Then we left and went to Bergamo. There are two wards and a branch in Beragmo and I am serving in one of the wards here. My new companion Sorella Roth is great. She is a transfer ahead of me and studied Italian for two years before the mission and did a study aboard in Siena...Bless the day! She is going to help my Italian! ha. I have already learned a ton from her already and I am excited to see what else I will learn from her this transfer. 

There have been some funny things that have happened this week in my first week in Bergamo.. per esempio.

goose walking down the street with his owner trying to make sure the goose doesn't get hit by the car...

teaching someone in a flower shop and then after she gave us flowers to take home...

An old man walking up to us and says in Italian"You won't be young forever"..points and my companions face and say some things in Bergamasco and then he does the same to me but then he touches my nose and says "Ding dong ding dong"..then he walked away

4.seeing roosters in some backyards

It is the little things on the mission that put a smile on my face. 

Here in Bergamo we use buses and the tram but mainly we use the tram..Which means we do tram finding. I like it a lot. The people here in Bergamo seem a little bit more open to our message. We were on the tram this week and there was a woman that looked so sad so I started to talk to her. I found out that she was from Ghana so I pulled out a couple of the phrases that I learned from Sorella Stephens in twi. Shoutout to Sorella Stephens for teaching me some phrases in twi. So we were able to teach a lesson to this woman on the tram and after we got all of her information so we could visit her again and talk about our message. Speriamo bene!

Here in Bergamo the members are just wonderful. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me on my first Sunday in church. Also the members her feed us every Sunday, so hopefully I won't gain weight..hah 

We do email later here in Bergamo because we have appointments in the middle of the day on wednesday. So we email in the evening here. Next week I have to go back to Como though for my permesso. So hopefully all will go well with that. 

I realized the other day when we were at a members house how now I really like Coca-Cola. Before the mission I didnt like it at all, but now I have a grown appreciation for it now because of the members here in Italy. 

It is going to be a good transfer. I am excited to be here and get to work with the members here as well. 

One thing that I know for sure is that God is our loving heavenly father. He is aware of us and all of the trials that we are facing. Enjoy the week! Love you all! 


Sorella Rebecca Carter

                                                            Sorella McCann 

                                                      View from the room


                                                             Cittá alta

                                          Parco. My new companion sorelle Roth!