Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moving forward

Well today I had to go back to Como for my permesso because it was in my wallet that was stolen. It was so great to go back to Como and hear how everyone is doing here from the other sorelle here now (sorella carter e clawson). It was so strange because on the train we passed by the train stop we would always take to get to our recent convert. I got teary eyed thinking about all of the times we went to go and teach her. It was strange being in como because I realized that I dont have responsibility for the people in this area anymore. It was such a treat to come back to this beautiful city with sorella roth. 

This past week there has been a ton of rain. Nonstop. I have never seen so much rain in my whole entire life. Luckily it stoped raining yesterday. So hopefully it will stop raining for just a few days. 

I have loved wearing my rainboots everyday though. We were walking down a underpass one rainy day and I have my umbrella in my left hand, with my rainboots on and everything. I was just stomping in the puddles, just enjoying myself as I walked down the stairs. Just all smiles thinking "We dont't have rain like this in California"..haha Then all of the sudden I realized I was going down..oh no. It was the weirdest moment. I went down on my knees on the step in front and all of the sudden I grabbed the railing with my right hand and I was back up.. That was a close one. The best part was that sorella roth was in front of me and she didnt see anything that had happened so I just felt like I was a crazy person when I told her the story afterward, I am defintely being watched over because I dont think my reactions are that good..ha

I love our study time in the morning. 

It is seriously my favorite part of the whole day. Recently I have started reading "Jesus the Christ" which is a spectacular book. I learn so much everyday that I read from this book. I love learning more about our savior Gesù Cristo. I hope I can finish this book by the end of my mission but I only read a few pages each day. proviamo..

I love Bergamo. It is so peaceful. We are just surrounded by mountains. I absolutely love it here. Apparently Beragmo is well known for their polenta and rabbit..I am sure I will find out one of these days. They even sell dessert polenta. It is a real thing! It is a lot different then Como, but I love it in different ways. They sell ducks, rabbits, and feasants. No big deal.. hah I saw the duck hanging from a store and I said to sorella roth " was that a duck?" haha she looks at me and just shakes her said to say yes. Bergamo. I think the best part of Bergamo is hearing people speak in dialect..aka Bergamasco. It is a real thing. No one knows what is going on. We learned the numbers last week in Bergamasco and they sound very similiar to french which was cool to see the french influence. Also in every city under there is a brown sign which says what it is in Bergamasco..too much. 

This week my favorite moment was when we asked this eldery woman if we could help her walk her bike with her groceries and she told us no. But she told us that she is 88 years old and we started just talking to this sweet old woman. She then told us about all of these people in her family who had passed away. So we taught her about the plan of salvation. I love this lesson. Everytime I teach this lesson I know exactly how these people feel. She had tears feel her eyes and I told her that she could see these family members again someday and she just said I hope so. She was so sweet and I hope we will be able to teach her someday about the restoration. She was such a cute little 88 year old Bergamasco old woman. I love these moments in the mission. 

I am grateful for Sorella Roth she is teaching me a lot and helping me realize certain thing that I need to improve at. I love Bergamo and my mission. Not every moment is easy but I love the Lord and I am grateful to be a missionary for him for a year and a half of my life. 

I love you all! 

Sorella Rebecca Carter

                                                  My companion Sorella Roth 

                                                   My old companion Sorella Carter

                                             Bergamo sorelle e como sorelle