Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sorella Carter Times Two

Well this week was a little bit hard to say the least. We had transfers on Thanksgiving. So I had to say goodbye to Sorella Stephens at the Milano train station. Which was one of the saddest moments. That morning she was just being her good old self and it just finally hit me that she was leaving and I started tearing up. Seriously I am so grateful for Sorella Stephens and I consider her as one of my greatest of friends. She is the best and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for her.
I was excited to meet my new companion at the Milano train station and go back to Como. Little did I know our first few moments together would be the funniest and sad at the same time. It all started after we got lunch..I realized that my tights were falling my knees..nooo! For some reason there was not a bathroom..This ended up being one of my most embarassing moments yet on my mission. So I decided to take off my tights behind a vending machine (why you may one knows why.) Then these people say to me who were nearby "It's easier with a chair.." It was too late the awkwardness couldn't escape at this point.. All in all the moral of the story is I will never wear those tights again.
Then we left to go to the other train station and I needed to get some cash but I couldn't find my wallet anywhere..Completely gone..So I am almost postive it was stolen when we were in the metro because we were all focusing on the luggage we were taking. So Thanksgiving was very memorable in Italy for me.
We had a ward talent show this week that was seriously hilarious and so great. We had this cute elderly couple from Napoli waltz and they were dancing to "I can't help falling in love with you" by Elvis. Needless to say every church event we go to I realize more and more how much I love these members in Como.
This last week we had snow for the first time! Luckily it was only that day and ever since then it has been snowy..phew! But I am sure that it will be a white christmas in Italy. There are so many pretty christmas lights in Como and christmas decorations. I am so excited to spend Christmas in this beautiful city. They have these special lights at night that go on the como duomo and on the duomo it looks like the nativity. Ah! Seriously I am obsessed with Como!
My new companion is great! It is pretty hilarious because everyone always asks  "Siete parenti?" hah It is going to be a fun transfer. One member even asked me if my companion lost her nametag and I told then that we have the same last name. It gets confusing because we both have the same last name..haha So the members call me Carter uno and they call my companion Carter due. Which is a lot easier for us both to know who they are talking to. She is great though. She is super sweet. I am still a little bit nervous about being senior companion but I know that it will all be okay.
Today I read Hebrews 6:15 which says,"And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise." I loved this verse and the simplicity of it. I know that this verse is true and that the Lord is very much aware of the trials that we all face in this life. I am realizing more and more everyday of the importance of patience, especially in myself.
I feel so lucky to still be in Como. I love this city. It truely is my second home and I do feel at home here. I feel blessed despite the weird things that occur now and again. I have so much to be grateful for in this life.
I love you all. Enjoy the wonderful Christmas season and enjoy singing christmas songs. I love sing the Christmas hymns in Italian. Enjoy the week!
Sorella Rebecca Carter

My new companion Sorella Carter

Fruit Stands

Centro Como with Christmas lights in the background