Saturday, November 23, 2013

Little Miracles Continue...

So this last week Sorella Stephens and I really wanted to work hard to reach our missions standard of excellence and have 15 lessons. So the whole week we worked and continued to work. We did pretty much every type of missionary work. It was a neat experience because our mission president wants us to do all types of missionary work:finding, stata, casa, member work, and etc. So this week we applied that as well and we saw many miracles happen. We met a woman while we were doing casa and she said to come back the next week so we did. We taught her the first lesson.
After we planned to do strata..It was raining and we saw this woman without an umbrella so we started to talked to this woman and she replied back in english.. So we began talking to her about who we are. She told us that she had met with the missionaries three years ago and has the Book of Mormon and like it. So Sorella Stephens asked her if we could walk with her back to her house and talk about our message.. The woman said yes! So we had a lesson with her. This week we had many little miracles this week and we met our goal and reached the standard of excellence and had 16 lesson last week. This week continued to strengthen my testimony of obedience and doing all type of missionary work to find new people to teach.
This week we had a zone training in Milano and after we had to leave right away because we had a lesson planned in como. As we were sitting on the train two woman sat across from us and as soon as they sat down I knew we needed to talk to them. So we talked with them for a little bit to ask where they were going and so forth. Then the moment of truth came...I just said the words to them and started talking about the church. I asked them if we could teach them a little bit about our church and they said "Si..Siete simpatico..". It took me a moment to process the words. So I paused for a second and started teaching. It was a great experience to talk to these two women who have never heard of our church. They dont live in como but they have our information if they ever want to learn more about the church.
It is still raining here in Como and it is pretty hilarious trying to do finding work in the rain. ha! But everyday I am here I become more and more grateful that I can be here.
Today in the Book of Mormon I read Enos which is a beautiful chapter about repentance and having faith. It is great to see this burden and guilt lifted off of Enos. He even asks the Lord,"How is this possible?" basically and wnats to know why his burdens and pains are gone. The Lord tell him because of his faith. That his faith has made him whole..I know this is true that through our faith in Jesus Christ we can become whole and pure. I hope you can read this beautiful chapter this week. I feel very grateful to know that we can be made pure through Christ's atonement.
Next week we will be finding out the news for transfers. I think that I will be leaving Como because I have been here for almost 6 months. I love these people. Up until now this has been my mission. I am grateful for all that I have learned from these great people. Whatever the news will be I am ready to do what the Lord  wants me to do.
I love you all. Thank you for all of your support and love. I am grateful for you all. Have a good week!
Sorella Carter
Today we are learning to make Italian food from a member in Como 2 

Wearing my Christmas colors