Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It is starting to feel like fall here. The mornings are crisp and it has rained a few days. But it is still warm during the day.

Power of prayer
This sunday we had one of our less actives come to church. She works every sunday but sometimes get off of work early but she doesnt have a way to get to church. She is so sweet. She was at church on sunday. She prayed that she would be able to come to church and someone gave her a ride. She was in tears as she told us the story. It was such a testimony to me that God answers our prayers. I love these sweet humble members here.

Whiteboard finding
The other day we decided to do whiteboard finding here we wrote down a question on  whiteboard and would ask people si or no. our question was "Crede che Dio l'ama?" (Do you believe that God lovs you?". So we asked many people and after they would give their answer we would ask "perchè?". It was interesting to hear what people would say. As we crossed the street an old italian man read the whiteboard question and said yes and no. Then we started talking to him and invited him to english class. This cute italian man came yesterday to english class! He loved it and said he wants to bring his family members next week.

Italians sense of humor
I seriously feel at home with these great italian people! I love their sense of humor. They are always saying "sono scarzando" (sp?). They have such a great fun, sarcastic sense of humor. There are some many things I see that my dad does that have an italian influence that I am now noticing. Just the little things. It's great because I am doing them now too. ha I love the italian culture. The people are so animated and have so much joy about life. I do feel like Italy is the perfect place for me to be. These people feel like family and I will always consider them as such.

As for the italian speaking..I am speaking but not the greatest. I am able to commnicate with people. I am grateful that I can at least do that. Recently I was thinking about how I took french and how I couldnt really even speak at all. But with italian I am able to comprehend a good amount of what I hear and for the most part I can respond.

Missing the Bus
The other day we were taking a bus somewhere but we had to be at a specific bus stop that I have never been to. So we waited at what we thought was the bus stop, but then a thought popped into my mind "maybe you should check the bus stop". So I looked and see that the bus we wanted doesnt come to the one we were waiting at. So I asked a woman where piazza del popolo is. She points and then I see the bus we want going towards the stop..hah needless to say we sprinted towards the right bus stop. It was all in slow motion. I said to sorella stephens "sorell we need to run!" We saw people entering the bus and we were so close. But then the bus doors closed. We ran behind the bus waving our arms..nothing. there it went. ha. so we didn't make that bus. ha During the missing it seems like we run for a bus at least once a day. ha note to self: ask people to make sure you are at the right bus stop instead of just standing there.

I have recently been reading in the New Testament in Acts about Paul. I love his story of how he was saul and wicked before,but he changed his ways and preached the gospel. I love how in both the bible and the book of mormon it shows how all people have the ability within themselves to change. For example Saul, Alma the younger, and etc. Throughout acts it talks about how they boldly preached the gospel. This is something I am trying to get better at everyday. I am getting a little bit better at it everyday, but it is still hard at times.
Another thing I realized that I didnt know before is that reading the scriptures is a commandment. Reading the scriptures has truly blessed my life. I am so grateful to have the scriptures to learn, grow and comfort me through trials and this ifficult life. The scriptures have brought me more peace in this life than any other book in the world.

I had a realization this week that life still goes on outside of como, italia. ha Its crazy how life just keeps going while I am here but I am grateful that it does. I am grateful to be here serving the Lord and his children in Como, Italia. I love you all.

sorella carter

View from our kitchen window