Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ward is Back!

Well everyone in the ward is back from the Switzerland temple! They were all missed! Sorella McCann and I were so excited to see them. It was like seeing family after a long semester of college or coming home from vacation. I am so happy to have them back!

The woman I talked about last week that was an ex investigator from a long time ago came to church and guess what else? We are teaching her two daughters as well who are 10 and 12! They are so sweet! They loved church and the ward members loved them. We had another lesson with them yesterday and the mother started to cry as we sang "Joseph Smith's First prayer". She knows that this church is true but doesnt fully understand why she needs to get baptized again because she is catholic. So the next lesson we are going to talk about that with her. But honestly with her and her sweet girls when we teach them they seem very familiar as if I knew them somewhere before. They are always so kind to us and the girls love to be around us and love to laugh. I am excited to see them all grow because they all have a desire to know if this church is true. One of the girls after family home evening asked us, " How do I know if the Book of Mormon is true?" Sorella McCann and I justed looked at eachother and smiled.  They are so ready it makes me get so excited for them. The ward members love them and gave them sooo much love on their first day in church.

Our investigator that was baptized Agosto 10th blessed the sacrament! It was so sweet to see him do that! I felt like a parent in a way. ha! He is doing great and is such an asset to the ward!

Climb Every Mountain
So Sorella McCann and I had an appointment in the mountains I kidd you not! As we were climbing the mountain we started singing the sound of music song "climb every Mountain". It is the little things in the mission that make us smile.

Little Miracle
Sunday we were doing some finding and we saw this man. I turn to Sorell McCann and asked her if we should talk to him, but before we could say anything to him he starts a conversation with us! I asked him if he had heard of our church before and he said "Yes. I am a member of your church". Sorella McCann and I just looked at eachother in complete ahh.. Then he proceeds by telling us his name and we both recognize it because the bishop talked about this person. SO we were able to have a lesson with this less active member and invited him to come to church. It was a little miracle but it was pretty cool.

Bounty and kinders
Well these two candy bars are my weakness. I hadnt had them for a long time. so when we were at the grocery store I got the kinder bar by the cash register.  we paid separate and I had a kinder bar in hand. Sorella McCann finished and the man said next.. I look a her and I said I still want more chocolate...hah. i didnt want to leave her alone because we had run into a creepy man only like 3 minutes before we left. So I awkwardly went with her back to the candy eisle to get my bounty bar. I felt like augustos gloop from charlie in the chocolate factory. ha well at least now i have my chocolate to keep me content.hah

Well here in italy they do something called bacci. It is like what the french do when the kiss both of their cheeks. It is just like saying hello to a friend basically. Well on the missions as sorelle we are allowed to do it to other woman but not to men. But sometimes you get into some awkward situations. For example when you are at the grocery store and you see and old man named Luigi and has a mustache like luigi from mario brothers as well. He came up to us and started to talking..and it was too late..he shook our hands and before we could say anything we got the bacci..not the typical two bacci but it was three.. Plus he had a scratchy moustache and bad breathe. It all seemed to be in slow motion during the time. The awkward baccis. It is a real thing. Also when someone tryies to bacci you and you accidentally almost kiss them on the mouh because you both accidentally go the same direction. ha note to self always go to the right to be safe. hah

Book of Mormon
This week I was reading in Alma 56 and in verses 47-48 it talks about the 2,000 stripling warriors and the impact of their mothers. Also in Alma 57:21 is a great verse. Look them up..It will make you appreciate your mother. I can promise you that. I have never realized how much mothers do really until I left on my mission. There are so many things that you do as a mother and a lot of the time the things you doarent very fun at the time because as a mother you have to be selfless...which is a difficult thing to do for most people. Being a mother is probably one of the hardest jobs because you have to teach, nuture, love, and other things as well. Especially teaching children about the gospel. Like the 2,000 stripling warriors I have seen the blessings of having this church in my life. Life is difficult. There are bumps, twists and twists in the road but one thing that is always there is the gospel.  Seriously I am grateful to have this church in my life because it brings me sooo much peace in my life. I am so grateful for the example that my mother has been to me. I get very overwelmed thinking about children and trying to teach them simple gospel principles, that is a pretty big responsibility! Luckily I am only a missionary! ha Phew! I am so grateful for mothers and all that they do. I am grateful for my mother and all of the things that she has taught me growing up and continues to teach me.

Well I love you all!

Sorella Carter

Dont judge me.
Today we went to brunate and did a hike to the light house there.
Yes, I am using my passport holder as a fanny pack.

I am taking you on this hike one day!

These are real pictures. it looks like postcard

Tangled tower! I thought of rapunzel and pascalas we walked past this! It was like Disneyland!

Snow whites house!


The light house