Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Week in Italy!

Well I am in Italy!It is seriously soo beatiful here! Ahh I love it here already and I am so grateful to be here. We came in late to Milano. We missed a flight so we were in the Heathrow airport for 8 hours...Luckily they gave us pounds so we could buy some food at pret. So we didnt get to go to the duomo that day like planned.

Bus ride
On the way to where we were meeting the mission ap's told us what areas we could possibly be in. One of the places they said was como.....As soon as they said that everyone yelled "como carter" because they all knew I wanted to go where my dad had served. As soon as he said that I  felt that I could had a really high chance of going there.

President Wolfgramm Speech
Right before we found out who our trainers were Presdient Wolfgram gave a little speech where he told us that our families had recieved a phonecall and they already knew who our companions were and where we were assigned to serve. As soon as h said that  ws sooo happy and I felt the spirit sooo strongly that I began to cry. I knew that whrever I was goingwas going to be the best place for me. Ihad a feeling that I was going to Como but I didn't want to get my hopes to high.

New Collega and Area
My collega is Sorella McCann! She is great! So I was one of the last 2 sorelle to find out where I would be sering and who my collega would be. I had a feeling that I would be with her and be going to como. When Sorella McCann said my name I was so relieved and grateful to be with her.Seriously I can't find anything that I don't like about her. She is amazing and such a good example to me. This is only her second transfer in Italy so she is still pretty new as well. The good news is that she can seak Italian well.  We are pretty much the same person in some ways.We both love fashion and we even have some of the same clothes and boots. She is from Utah. Oh and no big deal but her grandpa is Elder Holland. haha She casually told me one day and I started to freak out. Ah seriously she is great.

After I met Sorella McCann we went to the duomo to talk to people in front of it which was scary. haha The duomo is breathtaking especially as you first see it after walking out of the metro.

Italian Stereotypes
They always use their hands..always. It is great I love it. Also when we are doing casa and we ring the bell they stick their heads out the window to see who it is..hahah too much fun.

It is beautiful. The lake is beautiful. It is very humid here, but there is an occassional breeze. I love it here.

First Gelato
Too good.. I got Panne/nutella and biscotti. I almost cried becaus it was so delicious. It is suppose to be a very hot week so I think there will be lots of gelato this week.

So one day last week we were casually eat our lunch with the window open when all of the sudden a bird flew in the hit a flower that we had in a vase and was flying around everywhere,. Luckily we were able to get him bak outside. He kept going by the front door because he wanted to go out polietly. haha poor little bird. We named him Fredico. I am glad he is out of our apartment.

So a  gero is going around in a circle. So we did a gero in a chinese store because they sell peanut butter!! Real peanut butter! Bless the day! Peanut butter and nutella are the best snacks after a long day.

So we were doing strata and we met an elderly woman that was 82. She had a rolling basket with all of her groceries so we decided to walk with her and help her with her groceries. So we thought w were walking her to her home....nope to a store because she thought she was helping us. She told us that this storee would be great for preaching the gospel. We felt badso we walked in and walked back out the other way when she was gone because I am pretty sure it is illegal to do that in a grocery store.

I didn't get to speak sunday because someone just got home from their mision in Rome so next week! The como ward was recently split into two ward a couple of months ago. The people are great I can't wait to get to know them all. I am pretty sure there are a couple that were their when dad was in their. Also I was wearing a green dress so everyone said the greenie is wearing green so you can't miss her. I didn't even think of it until we were their. haha

Gloria and Fabbricio
They are both recent converts and are great. They know a few english word and try and help us with our Italian and we try and help them with english. They were trying to teach us italian tongue twisters and they wanted to learn some english tongue twisters. So we had them do "How much wood would a woodchuck...." also "she sells seashells.." and "peter piper.." It was great! They could do it too but it was said withan italian accent.

First Italian Meal
On sunday we had pranzo with Gloria's family. It was soo delcious. Classic Italian.
1. Snacks (potato chips, salami, cold rice, bread) with bitter to drink
2. Appetizer (flaky bread with mozzarella inside and ham/proscuitto)
3. Main Course (Chicken and potatoes with olive oil/onions)
4. Desserts (yogurt torta and chocolate gelato)

It was a good first Italain meal!

Festivo means that the bus schedual is different and is on random days. haha so we have had to run to the bus a lot of times. People are so nice to us. They will wait for us and people have even waved for us so that we could make it on the bus.

Material Things
Okay lets be honest I love to shop. It is pretty funny that I got called to the fashion capital of the world. But the other day I had an "ah ha" moment. There are some fancy stores in Comom and I was just watching people who were shopping one day and realized how much shopping means to people. I could see it in their eyes. At that moment I realized how material things are not important although I still do like them, I am learning that there are more important things in life.

Fearless Drivers
The Italians are fearless drivers. NO FEAR! haha It is crazy. enough said

Recently for strata we were walking by lake como when I notice this woman on a bench and I thought we should talk to her. So I start the converation....very simply..but I started it.. The woman was very nice. Somehow I was able to recite the first vision in Italian.. That was a miracle because always get nervous when I do it in front of other people. I a grateful I had the courage to talk to that woman.

Benjamin and Francis
Benjamin is a less active and Francis is a potential investigatior. They are both from Ghana and speak english. We gave them a lesson about faith. We asked them to act on that faith and come to church this sunday. They both love the book of mormo. But they told us he couldn't because he  has to teach at his church. He uses the book of mormon there, ha hopefully we can get him to come with his church to our church because the know it is true. we shall see.

Zone Conference
We had zone conference yesterday which was my first and last with President and srella Wolfgramm. Seriously they are both so kind and loving. They have stressed a principle called gems which means grow every missionary. Which helps you to focus on others and what their need are. At zone conference we talked about the importance of the book of mormon and did lots of roll plays. All the new sorelle and anziani had to go up and do a roll play together. The one line I knew how to say in Italian was Dio ci amo. haha ohh gheeze..haha I also got to see some of my fellow MTC sorelle and anziani

Today we went to Milano. We did some shopping in Milano, which was so fun (after I gave the little talk about material things) haha We also were able to see the painting the last supper, which is very difficult to get tickets to. We had to go through two room before the actual room to get the liquids off of us or something. It was beautiful and huge. Sandi would have appreciated this. It was gorgeous. The light in the painting focued on Christ's face. Also I never knew that their was a door under the painting. Apparently there was a door that that need to make bigger so if you look under the table in the middle you will see a door.

I love it here in Italy. The people make me feel comfortable. Theare always willing to help us with our Italian and I am grateful for that. I love you all. Thank you for all of you love and support.

sorella carter