Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week One

Ciao familia! 
I can't believe I have been in the MTC for a week already!! It has gone by so quickly. Everyday the sorelle (sisters) and I would say  "Is this real life". The first day seemed liked a daze and I couldn't believe I was actually in the mtc.
Today we went to the Provo temple which was my first time going to that temple! I t was amazing! I loved it there. I am so grateful I was able to go to this morning with Sorella Bott and Sorella Jarvis.

So I have two companions! Lucky me! Sorella Jarvis is from Virginia and took Italian for two years. She helps me all the time by answering my questions about Italian. Sorella Killpack is from Utah and is always smiling or laughing about something. I am so grateful to be in a trio because we learn so much from one another. It is definitely a challenge at times to have three but it is a good learning experience.

The district....
My district is seriously great! I love them all and I barely even know them. My district is only anziani (elders) and sorelle (sisters) going to Milan which is great because we will all be on the plane to Italy together.
Anziano Roe our district leader
Anziano Stewart the poet/artist and is hilarious
Aniziano Leuning is from Canada and is a young 18 year old
Anziano Berg is also from Canada a 18 can can juggle while eating an apple
Sorrella Bott, from utah and is gifted with her many voices
sorella walch, she is a kick in the pants from northern california, can speak gibberish and clap talks and always asks why or how questions. She reminds me of rachel with her rachel with all of her accents ex) why do i love him so much or why do i want to hug him so much

the teacher...
fratello cena! Cena means dinner in Italian. He is very intimidating but he is a great teacher. He is from Milan, Italy. There is so much to learn in only six weeks.

was a hard day. I broke down because of the language. I was so frustrated that I couldn't speak Italian. After class I cried my eyes out and talked to my companions which helped out a ton!
I think one of my favorite things is companion inventory because I learn so much about my two sorelle and what we all need to work on.

amazing- we watched 'character of Christ' by Elder Bednar, which was amazing! He talked about how we need to turn outward. He gave the example of the cookie monster "I want cookie NOW!" and said it like the cookie monster, look it up if you can!

We had mission conference Sunday which was amazing. We also had a Sunday Devotional with Chad Lewis who played football at BYU. He told us to look into people's hearts. 

District Meeting---> Next Sunday I am speaking to my district about having faith in learning Italian. I have to speak for 20-30 minutes! Aaahh!! hopefully I can talk for that long.

The Zone/Branch...
Our branch is made of Romanians and Italians. They are all amazing. It's crazy how much you can love people that you don't really know!! I seriously love these Italian/Romanian Elders ^& Sisters.

Our investigator is so sweet!! We have given about 3 or 4 lessons with her already. The last lesson with her I gave a very very simple testimony basically saying I know Jospeh Smith was a prophet and the chu4ch of Jesus Christ is true. Then she asked "How?" ahh!! haha I was thinking I can't reply back!! I don't know Italian...with the help of Sorella Jarvis, I told Patrizia how I knew it was true.

Mom and dad- thank you soo much for your dear elders they truly lifted my spirits when I had a hard day with Italian. 
Dad- I guess you are going to have to buy more ice at handel's then. ha at first I thought they were really closing and was thinking "NOOOO!!! They can't close!! I love their cinnamon roll sundae too much!!" 
Sandi- Thank you for writing me a dear elder I was so happy to hear from you I hope you like your new haircut! I love you sandi! 
Rachel- Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you were sick. I hope you are feeling better now! 
Brother Larson- Thank you for your dear elder!
Please keep the dear elders coming because they truly help me when I am struggling with Italian! I love it here. It is hard but it challenges me to be better and become better!
Arrivederci for now!
sorella carter